Blogmas 2: Christmas Traditions T’yanna Edition

Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la la la la 

Day 2 of Blogmas, and I am discussing Christmas Traditions!!!!! Growing up Christmas time me and all my family would get together 2 days after christmas and spend 4 days in my Grandma Halls basement in detroit, and in all honestly i would give anything for one more Christmas like that. Currently everybody is grown and off doing their own thing, everybody is “busy” and i quote busy because the truth is nobody is squeezing time for the basement tradition anymore, because as time changes so do priorities. And i learned life happens because i am skipping out on the normal christmas tradition due to work but, while realizing adulting is harsh and is hard to balance i had realized what i wanted to do with my own family some day!!! 


Christmas Day we are going to share 5 things that piss us off that the person does. 

Now obviously, I will not be telling my 4-year-old child one day that their begging pissed me off that one time we were in the grocery store. It is more going to be me and husband just exchanging 5 things we do not like. then when my lovely little children turn 12 it is game on for them to. I hated the tacky ” say something you love/grateful for” games. Because people lie on them and say things that others want to hear it is not genuine. Now ask somebody to tell you what pissess them off, that is when it gets real and raw, and that is healthy to me. I mean how entertaining would it be to be able to shower your love one with gifts then tell them you can’t stand the way they chew, that it makes you want to rip your eyelashes out. Now if you are some sensitive little marshmallow i would not recommend this, i myself get defensive at times, but when i know it is true i usually laugh about it later like ” Jeez i really do that don’t I”.  completely untraditional for sure going to be one of ym traditions 

Black Elf on the shelf 

I got this idea from a family that i know. The mother was telling me how she was going to start doing elf not the shelf with her kids, and how the cheapest elf she could find was black, and i thought that is iconic. Now i am not the typical everyday american mom as you ee i am a little unorthodox. So i am going to have my elf doing some ” wild” things. I might put my elf hanging from the ceiling, put him on top of their tv in the middle of the night, and i just might put the elf in their backpack, make them the talk of their classroom, give them a little bit of 15 minutes of fame, because their elf followed them to school. The whole black elf concept is very entertaining to me because it takes me back to ym childhood. from long lectures from my dads about jesus being black and him and my sister arguing back and forth which leads me to my next tradition ….. 🙂 


Baking cookies family time 

My family could and can’t do anything together without an argument breaking out. We could literally just have the simple task of walking down a trail together and somebody is going to go after somebodys neck, the instigator is usually my father. he is really messy and lives for drama…like yours truly.  So i can only imagine what my future family is going to be like, then i know it is going to consist of 3 major things

Drama , Love, Wild S?I% 

I plan on having 5 kids, and girls seem to run in my family and if god truly loves me he will throw in at least 3 boys for me. but if he gives me 5 girls then lord save and spare my soul because cooking cookies with 5 T’yanna’s no no no no no no hell no. I can only imagine the stories I will have for this future tradition. 


My family though very hectic and dysfunctional have given me the best gift i think i could of ever asked for and that was a fun and hilarious childhood. I do not think i would be as funny as i am without my dad and his litte dillusional letures and rants. All of them though they inspired the ” 5 things that piss me off” i would not trade them for anything or anybody” christmas with the Hall’s was always something i will cherish, and the overall hectic  dramatic atmosphere is in a way a tradition of ours, and as you can see i included it in my own traditions for my one day family., because i want to be the family that is big on tradition and known for being spontaneous. I want the family that needs a reality show but we will never do that because i do not like the idea of people all up in my childs face and in my house. But i hope your traditions are still going strong and if you do not have any, think of some like that i did! it is actually pretty fun to do i enjoyed making my list, creating it made me happy in a way thinking towards my future, and days where i will have little me’s and a husband.  So get to doing your traditions, or creating them!!!!  and feel free to share any traditions you have, i would love to know them!

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