Thank you for the time but…


I do not get attached to people, more of the memories. i have never missed somebody physically but more emotionally. Since i was young i learned people come and people go, and that was never something that bothered me but confused me. I do not have it in me to fully walk away from people because i do not want to have them thinking i vanished on them. But the older i get, and the more people come and go in my life, the less i am starting to care how they will feel when i choose leave. 

People need to remember people will not miss what they never had, and what they never appreciated. i used to stress over guys. literally stress high blood pressure stalk in the night stress. then ir had hit me, they do not give a single fuck about me why should i them. when i had realized this i had stop texting first, snapping, liking instagram pics then not to my surprise communication stopped. and it hurt in the beginning bu then something crazy had happened. i got over it. 

i just started continuing now with my days as i had when they were apart of my lifer nd i was still breathing and smiling, laughing at everything. if you have to end a friendship/relationship/communication do it with class and ease stop begging for attention and thinking every lost is a lost. 

losing friends is life, and it happens. and it is not your fault when it happens, it is time and growth. i would lose my mind trying to understand why i could barely hold a conversation with somebody i called my bestfriend in middle school. i lose my mind trying to figure out how somebody i was close with is now a stranger. i would lose my mind trying to see where i had  went wrong and it is not me it is life. 

when i think of the friends that i have lost, i realized they would not fit in where i am at now in my life. Parties are not my priority anymore, the cute guy with the nice charger is not my obsession anymore, 2012 T’yanna is nothing like 2016 T’yanna. I was 14 i am not 19 things changed i changed. Life is a bitch, it will take you through hell and back and change you and those around you. but you as your own person hold the power to let it do good or bad. i chose good where as ones i know chose bad. and i do not hate them, or look down on them, but i do not miss them. 

I wish them the best and hope they are doing well, and most importantly i hope they are happy. I am learning to never question anybody and their actions, just to let it be. They do not owe me an explanation as i do not owe them one. but i do hope that they are happy, because friends or not everybody deserves that.

So please do not beat yourself up over losing friends, stop reaching put to a wall, let them be. you grew apart and it sucks but it is life. you had grown as much as you could with that person keep it pushing. meet new people, go new places, socialize and realize there is a whole other world outside the 5 normal friends you have, and the old ones you lost. 

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