At least I smile and dress nice 

Saturday Saturday oh how I love you Saturday. This past week has been beyond shitty and I am glad it is coming to a end. If it’s not school kicking me in my teeth it’s life and it seems like 2016 was just a year dedicated to beating my ass but it’s okay because I’m still here and I’m still alive and breathing…. barely but I’m here.
When life begins to best my ass the least I can do is look nice when it does it. So as life kills me through the week I just decided I’m going to dress cuter and cuter if life wants to drag this bitch she’s gonna drag the baddest bitch. 

this was taken last Sunday when I had woke up and went to church which I need to go to and am going to more often and it’s honestly such a breath of fresh air for me. Last weeks sermon was about disappointment, and lately that’s all my life has seemed to be lately. If it wasn’t my professor rounding my 99.97 to a 100 or my car spinning on the expressway life has just been a bitch. But I have been fashionable. Here I just wore this long sleeve white shirt from dots ( and I don’t think they’re still open I had this shirt for years) and the fur vest I had found while thrifting huge jackpot only paid 6 dollars and this vest is just lovely and makes me look like I got shhhmoney!!! 

then loves I made a glamas video for my YouTube channel which is T’yanna Tells and this outfit I just wore simple black leggings and the shirt I got from target for like 6 dollars, and personally I am not a fan of white colors due to the fact I always seem to spill everything and anything on it, and white makes you look fat and I’m pretty sure we can all agree that nobody likes to look fat or bloated. 

then this is he ever outfit I seems to have Thrown together in a while. This look I created by waking up 20 minutes before I have to be at work and I had to stop and take flicks cause I was feeling myself. The pants I honest don’t know where I got them from but they’re jeggings and just flatter me and the shirt is a mystery to me because I don’t even know where it came from but I adore it. 

then this was my favorite look of the week! I am becoming a bodysuit type of person. I adore wearing them until I have to pee, because then I really have to literally get naked in the bathroom just very uncomfortable. But this outfit was only 8 dollars and shoutout to Rue21!! They are always having amazing sales and deals and I had to blow a nice little check at the store and this was cute to me and it’s summery but if you match it with a fur jacket and a cute chocker boom you got a sexy winter look going on. 
With finals ending and life dragging me I am happy and I’m finally starting to learn to match what I have in my closet and west the things that still have the tags on them. So get fun with what you wear try some new things explore outside your comfort zone be bold, spicy switch it up. Because when life is dragging you make sure that they’re dragging the best dressed and most fashionable person they can. 

2 thoughts on “At least I smile and dress nice 

  1. I think my roommates and I should try this out. Dressing up when it seems like everything’s dragging you down. Especially with the year I’ve been having…I’ve resorted to wearing sweat shirts and jeans every day for the last two months. Plus exams, and grades and…all that wonderful stuff.
    Don’t worry, you’ll survive. Don’t let school crush you.

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    1. Yeah I’m like if college is going to drag me i am going to be dressed to impressed so I’ll only be embarrassed emotionally and mentally lmao. And you should it in a way helps a lot and thank you💕 I hope your 2017 is better.

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