The bitch Negative Nacy 

In life you will meet people who take everything and anything as competition. You say you want to get the newest iPhone in a week or two they get it the next day. You say you’re going to get a new car and then they get the same one you wanted but a better year, just everything you do they one up. These people are like cancer. They’re takers. They will take and take until there is nothing left to and will leave you drained and confused as to “why me”? However nobody likes that bitch negative Nancy so why do people seem to entertain it ? 

 I used to entertain it allll the time. I would feed people like this my energy then wonder why I was always so stressed and miserable all the time. I had realized I was attempting to outshine them more then I already was in the beginning. It is when you are going good or looking good when people want to come into your life and begin to raise hell or attempt to get back on good terms. It’s the cold truth people don’t leave them come back because they feel bad, they realize you hold value in their life and you offer the room for growth and you have potential. And I know personally i  have so much potential and so much going for myself, and some people Anknowledge and respect it were as others try their best to tear it completely down.

Bright  people scare the simple minded. I know it because I have been scared of people because of how advanced they thought and spoke on certain issues. And I had people tell me I was unrealistic and need to get my head back in reality because the chances of me having a successful known blog, and owning my own business was reaching and not attainable. And I paid it attention but never really let it eat at me nor make me stop what I was doing. I grew up with big dreams and bigger goals for myself. And I know you do as well and I want you to know never change who you are to fit somebody else’s idea of perfect for you and your life as well as your dreams. 

“She fuck with small town niggas I got bigger dreams”

This is a line from J.cole in his song deja vu and it speaks to me and I like it so much because it hits home. The Cristism we get from negative Nancy’s come from people who are supposed to build us and help us grow. But it comes from the ones you love, the ones you put everything into, the ones you are truthfully just to good for. 

The guy after  my ex is a good guy, going to school and has a good head on his shoulders, but I have bigger dreams and goals then the typical 9 to 5 rotating weekends kids with a white fence lifestyle,and when I think of his Cristism over everything about my life , goals and even hair he was a good guy but not my guy. We got along and clicked like I haven’t with anyone else that fast like we were made to cross paths but we will never be on the same page. 

He likes the housewife type, the cooker,cleaner, lover and affectionate who will pay him attention. And then there’s me, I’m a fire. I’m hot blooded I’m selfish and I do what I want when I want and I don’t take anything less then I deserve and that will either inspire people or make them hate. 

I’m very bold and open I blog my life to you reading now, I don’t hide anything because there is no point that’s why I’m here to tell you to live bold and loud. Negative Nancy’s are everywhere they hate on the everything because they’re doing nothing. It’s easy to judge and critique everybody but it’s hard to be the person out there in the open living their life the way they want. I won’t apologize for not fitting into somebody’s schedule I sure as hell wont apologize for offending anybody with my blog post and you, the fantastic wonderful reader you should not apologize for relating and realIzing you’re worth more then what you’re given and how you’re treated. I want you to live your life to your standards and dreams and let them talk about you let them bash you, but never ever let them take what makes you, you.

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