Let them piss you off, then turn around and piss them off

There are no limits, there are no boundaries, nobody can stop you.

I low seeing watching people chase their dreams i love seeing the people who are not afraid to go out and go get what they want. Nearly everybody in current day society has become content with being complacent and normal, and when they see a dreamer they get scared. In the world it is easy to get scared, and it is easier to get intimidated. People will downplay your dreams and ability to do things and make your dream a reality, you simply have to want it. 

I always wanted a blog, always wanted to write and help people and have the world know me as somebody who has started a successful business, blog, and just a genuine different individual. And in the beginning I was like, this is going to be easy and simple, then i walked into the tunnel of reality. Dreams are hard work. They are easy to attain but it is going to be hell to get there. You have to want it, and own up to all the mistakes you made in the past, to better your future. 

When I think back to my childhood i had always dreamed big, i wanted to be a superstar and this famous celebrity, then i went to wanting to become a veterinarian, then i am here i want to write and market and run my own business. And when i think back to all of them i am like these all have no correlations, then i thought they all help other people, and they all have a crowd of people who will remind me that they are near impossible, and very few will succeed. 

I know failure, I am comfortable with failure. I failed math, i failed my drivers test the first time, i failed my biology final, i failed numerous times. I think failure is my second nature at times but i will always chose success. I had got success when i passed my algebra 2 final, the only thing i passed in that class, i succeed when i graduated high school even though algebra 2 almost killed that, i passed my drivers test after waiting a month and practicing my backing in, i passed my college semesters with 3.5 and up once i stopped playing and studying, I tasted success when i worked my ass off, and did not settle for anything less then i deserved. 

Your heart is always right, your passion if your calling, and it is as simple as that. Never let somebody tell you your dream is not meant for you, especially somebody who is working a job they hate, and hates their house, and simply hates their life. I block out the mediocre, the ones who never seen the world outside their hometown, the ones who have never experienced failure, the ones who chased the wild dream and failed over 100 times and returned 10 times harder each time. I love the people who are not afraid to be something different then outside of society’s rules. 

I realized i had stopped blogging and making YouTube videos because i was terrified. I was scared what if this actually takes off, what if i actually become successful then what? What if people won’t like me because i talk about personal subject, and have no filter on my thoughts. So i had stopped, i had lost the discipline i had given myself with blogging and recorded and just pushed it aside. The when the months passed i realized i was sad. I was partying, getting money, but i was not doing what i loved the most, then i decided I am going to blog and get rich or die trying.

I had realized all my failure never broke me but made me stronger, it had made me pissed off and just made me want everything I deserved now. When i look back and think of all the people who doubted me, all the people who left me, and all the people who simply never even fully entered my life, they made me strong. One thing i am learning is to never question God. I had realized he has tossed me a lot of crap and i had dealt with it all and never let it destroy me. There has been numerous times when i should i have died this past year alone. almost got hit by a semi, spun out on the expressway, and just a lot of wild moments, but i did not die, i was just given a lot to write about and share. I was supposed to break down and give up a long time ago. I was supposed to have a baby, do drugs, never graduate, i was supposed to be a burnout. But everything i was handed i handled, i had  came to realize  back in 2015 all the struggles i have gone through and had was my gift from the world. 

Thinking the world owed me something was my problem, the world did not give me what i could not handle, the world gave me all that i had asked for when i was younger. When i was younger i wanted to be somebody who could help others, and how was i going to help people when  my life was a cake walk? I had moments when i was either going to be swallowed by hell, or i was going to walk through it and back just to show it could not break me. looking back it almost broke me, and i thought this is my life and it will never get any better then this, i had finished highschool and that was all i was  going to do that is all people thought was coming out of me, then i realized i am who i dreamed of being. 

 People who put barriers around me, i thank you. People who said that my dreams were not for me , i thank you. For everybody who ever pissed me off and crossed me, i thank you. I had nothing in me after high school aside from my dream, and a dream was simply all i ever had. I did not beg others to read my writing, i did not beg other to praise me, i did not ask others for their opinions on my post and i sure as hell did not ask others to help me promote myself and my blog. I dedicated myself promoted myself because when i get success i know it will be my hardwork. 

Never settle and always chase your dreams, never settle. I do not want to live check to check, i do not want to live in a state i hate, and i do not want my future kids to think living like that is normal. I think about my future kids and family a lot, i want to be the mom who did what she preaches. I want to be the mom who tells them to chases their dreams as did i, i want them to know failure happens and will happen a lot but to never give up. And the most important that no matter what they want i am going to support their dreams because that is something precious that a person has.

All I ask is that you chase your dreams and never stop, because i know with time and hardwork you will succeed. 

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