No Support is support

I do not beg, i refuse to beg either you chose to help and support me or simply stay the hell out of my way. One of the best things i ever done in my life was take my own advice on dealing with people who offer their opinions on your life but do not add nor contribute anything into your life or bank account. I learned to understand the concept od no support is support. I can say the people who do not support me, make me want to go harder and grind way more. The people who appreciate and support me i love and appreciate, but the people who don’t i see you and i want to thank you

I never hated on anybody’s dream. ever. People support those who they view as beneficial and I get, people are looking for the come up, the “ticket” out, the saving grace. I got big dreams in small town, in what feels like a smaller state. However i do not let it discourage me or make me feel like i can not grow my blog and get recognition and become a big brand. But people do not have the mind i have, and do not have the visions and perspectives that i have for my blog and myself.

When I started my blog i simply had a million thoughts and a tacky layout with 1 follower. that was it. I had written around 12 post that month and the people who liked it and reblogged it where complete strangers. Aside from my grandma, she reads my blog.Strangers, where sharing my blog links telling their friends about it just promoting me without me even having to ask but friends and family, that is another story. 

Like i said i do not beg, And i do not ask for help unless i truly need it and making me dreams into a reality i know for a fact i do not need a lick of help. People can call me anything that they want but Lazy isn’t one. I work for everything that I want not others I have  to want it to get it. And my blog i want it. I want it to grow, i want to branch off of it and become something so much bigger. And if people do not support it now, i do not want the support later. I hate fake love and i hate fake support. My biggest pet peeve is when people tell me ” i always knew you could do it” when they would always say how you would never do it. People think as time passes you forget, when you forgive but never forget. 

I was talking to a lady at Target about my blog and college and just life because for some reason all my life changing talks take place at target and she had told me ” no support is support” and ” if you weren’t meant to do it, you would have gave up after not getting the support”.That woke up something in me that changed my whole outlook on everything in my life. And me view everybody on this planet different.

People do what they do for 1 of two reasons, recognition or because that is what they feel in their hearts. I never wanted to blog to become famous, i blog because i love to write and i like giving advice and just sharing advice. Where as people blog because they think it is fast fame and easy. I go to college because i want to, nobody forced me into college, i could have easily never went and found an office job or married rich, and i know for a fact neither would have been a struggle for me. However i go to college because i want my own money, my own degrees, and just to know to myself like you did the damn thing. I ran out of tears when i was 17, i had graduated high school and i was either going to break or create. To many people think they created the person i am today, and nobody had their hand in who i am as of now.

In 2015 I hated the world, in 2016 i addressed my problems and life with the world, and 2017 is a surprise for you the reader, and the world. Since 2015 I had focused on myself, marketed myself, created myself. I had left everything i had once knew and lived by and created a whole new person and i like her way more than 2015 me. So if you have a dream and nobody support it go times harder on them. make them regret not supporting you in the beginning 

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