50 things i learned in 2016

  1. coffee is very addictive
  2. i learn better by studying weeks in advance
  4. only expect things from yourself, nobody will have you like you have you
  5. my cat jasper has anxiety
  6. my grandma is the only family member that i tell everything to, she has never told nor judged and i thank her a lot for that.
  7. I have a bad habit of falling asleep with gum in my mouth
  8. I love partying
  9. i do not hate Georgia, i hare the fact i did not go to georgia on my terms and time
  10. how people treat you is how they feel about you
  11. everybody has a favorite
  12. people will always remember how you treated them and what you said to them
  13. i am a forgiving person, even though i claim heartless
  14. being broke is either going to break you or make you
  15. you got 5 real friends then the rest are just really cool people
  16. people treat you better when you look better
  17. you are going to fail a college course, it is going to happen especially is you are a “pre” student
  18. you are going to disappoint people, including yourself
  19. It is easy to become addicted to people, it is like a drug
  20. i am so much like my mom
  21. lust is not love
  22. sex is very overrated and it is a lot more then just physical activity it is mental and emotional and it will mess with you , if you feel the need to wait… wait
  23. 19 is the weirdest age ever
  24. people do carry energy, and if you surround yourself around it, it will begin to consume you as well, so chose your people wisely
  25. i do not tell people i love them unless they say it first
  26. i feel weird saying ” i love you” to people
  27. listen more talk less
  28. never try to understand why somebody loves another more then you, just never even question it, it is life we are not meant for everybody.
  29. photos are all we will have when the person is no longer around
  30. acrylics will mess you nail bed up, and it is just a good idea to keep it simple with the polish
  31. money can buy happiness, but the money and the happiness will never be able to fill a void in your life
  32. i have a talent for writing, people enjoy it and heal from it
  33. strangers will support you more then family and friends, and it is going to be very weird having somebody you never met go hard for you
  34. saying ” I’m sorry” does not fix anything if the damage is already done
  35. i no longer hate the dark, i look forward to it getting dark and seeing the moon, i write the best and think the clearest at night
  37. the person you were 5 years ago, is so proud of you and is happy you made it 5 years, because 5 years back you were so close to giving up
  38. i hate small towns
  39. i hate routine
  40. i love having deep conversations with people i will probably never see again, because they are the most honest with you and genuine because they know that you two will probably never cross paths again
  41. if he is pushing 30 and or mid 20’s and you still have “teen” at the end of your age… just no, it is a no.
  42. it is never to late to chase your dream
  43. never become the person who hurt you
  44. people who want to break cycles, and create change, and be close with you they show it with actions. words mean nothing at all, they are simply words
  45. your professor though they may not say much to you, know a lot about you based off your facial expressions, they know when something is wrong.
  46. orange and yellow do go together
  47. spend the money on the stupid little charm box, you will regret not buying it later down the line
  48. Love is a drug, and it is the best drug
  49. Life is a mean bitch somedays
  50. you are going to want to cry some days, smile others, you are even going to have days where you simply do not want any more days, but life is so beautiful and amazing. and as cheesy as it sounds it is true.

2016 was a year that had broken me down in ways i could have have never imagined possible. I had lost so much this year, and kept is pushing. i had my feelings hurt this year like no other and in school personal life, work i was getting dragged mentally and emotionally. This year was a year, but i have always tried to remain positive and share with you that it will eventually have to get better. you will make new friends, you will fall in love again and the pain that others made you feel eventually fades and you heal. This year made me realize i am a giving person, i give and i give and people simply take. And i do not want to become the person who is afraid to give, so i share with you guys the top 50 things i have learned. and hope in a way it helps and makes you realize that 2016 may have been the biggest bitch ever, but the bitch did not break you so smile.

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