1st day

Happy New Years!!!!

Today is the first day of 2017, and I have spent mine sleeping and thinking how i need this year to be a good year and how i need it to not beat my ass like 2016 did, but the first day of the new year was one for the books. ALOT had happened and i can either let it make me mad and bitter or i can embrace it, learn from it and realize if this year is anything like last night and today it is going to be an adventure. 

This year can simply be a year you make yours, by working hard and keeping your head on your shoulders and a clear mind, or letting every and any little thing ruin your day. It is the first day of 364 new to come. do things you love and that will help you grow or you can let every single small thing ruin you. the choice is yours to let the first day ruin you, or build you. 

To keeo it simmple do not let things destroy you or your spirit, keep your head up and embrace the bad as much as you would with the good. Celebrate the shitty moments learn and grown from them and realize everything you go through is for a reason. And everything you do has a conseuence. So either let 2017 be the year you grow as a person or let everything get to you and be bitter. never forget 



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