5 things to do that will positively impact your life

The grass is not greener on the other side, the boy who you like hasn’t text you in 3 days he probably won’t on the fourth, and ho somebody treats you is how they feel about you. And it is as simple as that.  Stop defending people who treat you like shit. 

I was the queen of ” they can change” or ” they don’t mean it” I would defend the should out of people who had done me wrong again and again simply because I liked the person and saw them for what I wanted them to be and not who they really were.And after watching people allow others to treat them like shit, and allow every little thing to get them down. 

Life happens, bad things happen, but that does not mean it is a bad life. Life has been kicking my ass the past 3 years I would say, and I could have easily given u and let i drag me, but i had a smile on my face and fought life right back with kindness and a smile. I had girls hate me for no reason, friends turn their back on me, family doubt me everything and anything under the sun but i never let it break me nor crush my spirit. 


#1 Cleaning Social-Media

Attention is a drug, and social media is attention central. I was going through this phase where i still followed people i used to talk to simply to keep up and see what they were doing. And in the mist of it all i was just playing with my own feelings, and in the end only hurting myself. once i learned the power of unfollowing, and simply moving on, my heart-felt so much better, and my mind felt way more clear. 

#2 Embraced Reality

I love seeing the potential in people. I love seeing the people that other people can grow and expand to become and grow into, and sometimes that mixes up my feelings and perceptions of who they actually are as a person and in reality. I had to come to the conclusion people are shitty, and can be shitty but that does not mean everybody that I meet will be the same, and that everybody is out to hurt me and embarrass me. 


#3 Stopped Caring About The Past

The past is dead, it has already happened, it came and went. revisiting the past is a waste of time. living in the past is a waste of time and comparing the present and future to the past is pointless. I know there are days in my life i want nothing to do with but to take them back. i wish i would have handled certain situations smarter, and dealt with people in a  different way and had not been so trusting and or guarded. but things happened and lifted happened, and i messed up. i think back like i knew better, i knew that was not smart but in the moment it felt right to me. and what i know now from them has helped me learn never to make those choices again. 

#4 Start living for you

People pleasing will lead you to a dead end. and it will lead you to a conflict with yourself. life is short and attempting to make everybody happy and pleased will leave you miserable and bored. When i had discovered the things that i love, and embraced th people that i did love i felt happy. i felt this sense of self and had for the first time in life felt a sense of my true identity when i once discovered the things that i love, and began doing them regardless of how it made others feel. 

#5 embrace being broken

I was a broken person. I was somebody who had no idea what to do with my life and had not the slightest clue of myself. people would ask me questions about college and my plans and i would answer with some bullshit answer or not even respond, and it would frustrate others and some would even say they worried for me, and i could not do anything for myself but cry. for the longest time in my life i was so busy being broken, i had thought i was meant to live broken. i had no idea i had all the pieces and knew how to build myself back again. I thought everybody around me had pieces and i was just there. when one day i had cried and it was in september of 2015 at like 3 in the morning and i cried hard. i cried about school, friends,family i cried until i had no tears left to cry and when i had went to gt tissue to wipe my nose, i looked at myself in the mirror and thought i was better then this, and knew i deserved better then this, that life was not about being broken, it was about healing. the following morning i had realized i had dug myself out of hell multiple times and every time came out stronger, and i knew with time it would get better. i had created my blog and simply shared my stories and knowledge and being broken in a sense made me whole.


Life will break it, it will get worse before it gets better. people will cross you and use you. and have you questioning your worth and value. but you are worth so much and then some. life is going to test you and make you cry and break you but it is about what you take away from each lesson life hands you. And it took me years to fully understand this and comprehend it.  There are going to be days when you want it all to end, and life to just stop but that is to easy. know that people love you, somebody on this earth needs you, and you need you. in a world where it is so easy to hate and be angry chose love and forgive those who hurt you. and take the good with the bad and the bad with the good, and realize you only get one chance to live the life you vision, never settle and feel as if you do not deserve your idea and standard of the best. 

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