Stop being a weak bitch. 

I am fed up with people and myself because I was in this little pitiful boat along with a good number of other females who feel bad for themselves all over some boy who played them. We as females have a tendency to stop our lifes in ways to focus ona guy to make sure he is good, and that we are being as good of a girl as we can be then life happens. distance begins, communication begins to decline and the person you once were all about is the perfect stranger. When this happens the group chat topic turns to how ” niggas aint shit” and how ” it is all about the grind and nothing else” We as girls get our feelings hurt and start to rearrange our whole lifes to just prove a point to them that we are good and also ourselves that we are going to be fine without them in our life. We have heart to hearts with our friends to vent out the pain and frustration and we think about it for weeks, and i am over it. I am over being the fool, and i am over watching other females play the damn fool for a fool.


I offer too much to get played. And yes i say his from my heart and mean it, i am the shit from my looks,personality, all the way down to my white polished toes, i am a prize as well as a person. I do not give a damn what your favorite rapper raps about, what your “boys” tell you how you should be when it comes to relationships, and you are truly stupid if you think i give a single fuck about what social media platforms say about relationships. You will be cut off when you try to treat me as if i am average. There are 7 billion people plus in this world yes, but there is only one T’yanna Angeline Hall and i am not the one to sit around and be played by a clown.


Stop taking his shit, stop making excuses for it, stop settling for it, stop stop stop. You can not make somebody want you, you sure as hell can not make soebody see your worth, and you can not mae somebody see they are missing out by always being available and sticking around. You have to become that lost earring. YOu know how when your outfit is on point and you realize how that one pair of earrings will finish it off, and when you go to put the on you only have one, and you panic and look for the other and can’t find it, and from there you either have to go without earrings simply because it will not be the same with a different pair, to settle for another pair that is not the perfect match and just doesn’t go well becasue you really wanted the perfect pair….. be that lost earring ladies. make him feel your absence and the feeling of having to settle becasue he lost perfect.


Words are nice, and they can be impressive but actions speak louder. There has been plenty of guys who complimented how I looked, and very few my personality and smarts. Stop falling in love with compliments and attention. Growing up my dad was my biggest hype man ever. he always told me i was pretty and smart, and gassed my head up. everybody in my family did that, and you know what it made me a little cocky yes, but it taught me how to love myself. There was this phase where i thought i needed a guy to complete my life and worth then i realized, i am just beginning to come into my own, and compliments and attentions are nice but they are simply words. when me and this guy stopped talking i had realized i was not missing him but his attention. i missed the random how are you texts, the snaps the comfort of his company. not even him as a person. i had went through this phase of having nothing but alone time, to having him in my life and getting comfortable with his presence adn when he left it was just me again, and it had become a foreign feeling that i had known, but had yet to adjust back to.


The truth behind dealing with a guy who played you has really nothing to do with him, but yourself. when it did not work out I was not mad at hm really, hell i did not even hate him nor mean all the name i had called him, i was disappointed with myself. I am somebody who is good at seeing when others are being sued and mistreated. and i am the one who tell them the signs and how they should get out early and move on. then when it is me i do the opposite of my own advice. I do not trust easily so when i do it is rare, and so far handing out my trust i have taken each as a lesson. wanting something you can not have sucks, but it was never yours to have if you can’t get it without a fight.


There was this time I had thought me and certain guys did not work out because i was not enough. that i did not give everything my full potential and i simply just could not give him all he needs. then i had realized i was more than enough and me and him did not work because we were not made to compliment each other. We give guys so much credit and power over us and our feelings because we want love. But love is not changing who you are to fit somebody elses idea of perfect. Stop changing the things you love about yourself to appeal to a guy more and stop begging for his attention and for him to want you it is pathetic and is a weak move.


Boss up and continue to grow as a person. stop trying to hold onto a guy who does not want to be kept. focus on school, your passions, do what you were doing before he came into your life. You existed before him and you can and will exist after him. know your worth and love yourself and stop entertains a fool. be the lost earring.


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