Tasting a little bitter 

my nail polish is chipping, my sanity is beginning to be tested, and people are beginning to test my patience and that my friends is how I know the spring 17 semester has begun.

It is so cold in Michigan that I have been wearing slippers around the house, and I hate having my feet confined for a long amount of time. But it’s feeezing and all I want to do is bundle up and stay in my bed and avoid life till spring. However that can’t sadly come true because I am in college and 2 I like nice things and those nice things require work.

We are a week into the new year and people have been showing me their true colors a lot and at a rapid rate and I just want to say thank you so much because you’re making my year so much easier to finally see just because they smile in your face does not mean they wish you the best.

All my time has really been directed towards my blog and expanding my name and brand, and I have realized it’s going to be hard work and sacrifice. I’m 19 and have a pretty good thing going for myself and a pretty clear vision of what I want in my future and as you can guess It’s big.

I have realized if i don’t take my summers off and go year round I can finish a year ahead and pack it up and get out of Michigan and I think I have paid my dues and made my amends with all Michigan has to offer me. I came back home to find peace with myself and the past and I have found it and now I am ready to finish my undergrad and keep it pushing out of here.

Florida. Lord knows something about Florida gets me I am a sucker for palm trees and the seminoles and the fact the beach and this whole blue water white sand thing is just very appealing to me. I’ve been thinking about Florida since I was 16 and it’s crazy to realize that was 4 years ago and I still can’t shake this state,so this was one state I’ve been considering.

California. I’m so west coast I love the sun, beach, shopping, and the idea that I can be 3 hours behind my family and friends that  stay on the east. And I believe I was in a way shifted towards California as well by the media. I love the glamour and fame associated with California. How nearly everybody is there and how it has so many tourist spots, Calilove is the best love.

New York City. Love. I have never been but know it’s for me. I love fast paced living not knowing what to expect and who you will run into. And I find adventures in Michigan I can only imagine the type of adventures I’ll get myself into while living in NYC. The concreate jungle is a jungle that I really want to live and explore one day.

Another thing is new states mean new people. I love meeting and talking to new people, the fact it is a new personality in your life and it’s a breath of fresh air. I’ve been inspired and found a bunch of my support comes from strangers. And something about getting to know a person is simply beautiful. When you take a step back and realize that this person didn’t come into your life by accident never forget we all cross path with everybody for a reason.

It’s only Monday and I am stressed beyond words but that’s the beauty in it all I guess. College wouldn’t be college if I didn’t stress about the schoolwork but anticipated the crazy frat party that is coming up. Life wouldn’t be life if didn’t drag me by my eyelashes then pick me back up and give me a hug. And I wouldn’t be T’yanna Tells if I lived a normal perfect cake walk life. Life has hills mountains rivers and oceans and if you want a life worth living you first have to realize and appreciate the fact that life is not and never will be perfect.

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