Nothing is promised

I have been on this fine line between pre-vet and pre-law since fall, when i was younger i had the dream of becoming a veterinarian it is all i would think about, all i could talk about. but the older i got the more i was introduced to new things and began to get my feet wet in other areas.  I found a thing for law one night when i was up in the middle of the night and scrolling youtube. I was watching one of Andreaschoice video and somehow i came upon the Casey Anthony trial. It was that trial that had took my attention and made me want to pursue it more, with the aid of my professor.

In the beginning I thought i wanted to do defense, i wanted to keep as many innocent people out of jail as i could. Because believe it or not innocent people can be found guilty and end up spending years to life in prison.  And that does not sit right with me so I decided yes defense is for me. Then one day while sitting around I proceeded to watch more trials, and look into a defense lawyer versus a prosecution lawyer. And i realized though the money is better on the defense side of law, I have more of a heart of a prosecution lawyer.

Yes, it would be amazing to keep innocent people out of jail. Yes, all people are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, but on the other side there is a reward in putting the guilty people away. So when it comes to these two i am on a fine line. I am continuing to look into the two different lawyers and decide what is the best fit for me.

It is only week 2 of the spring 17 semester and it is a lot, i am taking a lot of management classes and marketing and for some odd reason i decided to sprinkle in physics in there for decoration. Because i am still going to take classes for vet school. I feel like i was thrown off a little bit from the track i was on and I’m finding my way back to it, and i realized i am  getting a little groove back and it feels nice. It is not a routine but it is something that i can become custom to enjoy it.  

This week i almost took 5 steps back, I was doing everything i advise you guys not to do, and that is chase people and make people see your worth, and yeah that is a no go for me and if you truly love yourself it should be a no go for you. If you have to do extra shit to get people’s attention then that person is not for you. And i know people break, hell i almost broke.but for the millionth time how they treat you is how they feel about you.

As week 2 of the semester is coming to a close keep your head on straight and strong and stay focused. As you either move forward or decided to move backwards remember every action has a consequence and temporary emotions can lead to permanent consequences. so keep your chin up, head on straight, and chase after your goals.


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