Would you have his baby sis??

2 nights ago i used this new hair mask, it was only 99 cents and it was the best 99 cents i have ever spent in my life. my curls are so healthy and bouncy and my hair is just popping, i fell in love with this hair treatment and i knew i was in love because when i went back to buy more, i had disregarded the new, fresh heavily advertised ones. The ones with ” DEAL OF THE WEEK” ” PERFECT FOR GIRLS WITH CURLS”. i had went to the one i was in love with my biotin hair mask and it was simple as that. it was when i was sitting in my car i had realized i had passed 2 hair mask i was fining over the past month or 2 for this one, because i see the results and knew its potential and had fallen in love. And it was staring at my hair mask packet i had realized love is not hard, it is a mess, crazy , and a rollercoaster but not hard. Forcing love is what is hard.



There is a huge misconception that love is hard, and that when you love somebody communication is trash and near impossible to achieve, it was when i had looked at relationships with people that i did love, and compared them to guys i had thought i had loved and realized though you may have love for somebody you are not in love with somebody.


It is human nature to put ourselves first, it is human nature to think about ourselves first so why are we so shocked when people do that. I myself have always wondered why i was always being placed second, then i had stepped back and realized i put plenty of people second to myself as well. I never compromised my happiness, nor goals for anybody let alone a guy, so why did i always find myself wanting it from them?


Females are loving and nurturing by nature. We are somebodys daughters,cousin,sister, some of us may even be a mother. We seek love because we love the idea of it, as well as the emotions that come with it. We love attention, we love being praised and acknowledged for everything we do because it lets us know we are doing something right and that others appreciate and notice it. However the difference between love and being in love is huge.



For every guy i had thought i had love i had simply asked myself would i be happy with him being the father of my child and frankly i answered no to the 2.  The first received a No because he is just not me, and nothing about him i thing about and it screams ” i need this in my life and my future kid would benefit for this” though he has amazing characteristics and a lot of things going for him, he is simply not meant for me. and the second i was always comparing to the first. how he did not do this like him, how he did not have the first sense of humor, how he couldn’t cook and how he lacked the work ethic and determination the first had.  It was when i was picking through them both i had realized i had love for them but i was so far from being in love with them.

mariah-carey-i-dont-know-her-02 It was when i had finished picking them apart and analyzing them more and more i had realized i would never want their child, and when i could answer that i knew i was never in love with them.


When i had began to move on and no my own thing i realized i would see them more and more it had seemed like. my friends would bring them up and be like do not act like you don’t miss them, and tell me not to “downplay” my feelings. when in reality i was not downplaying anything i was simply beginning to accept we were never meant to be a we. I would see a picture like it and continue on, i would see a tweet read it and move on, i would scroll through the favorites see some things that pissed me off, get made for a good 3 minutes, but i always moved on. and eventually it all stooped. i was no linger looking of them, was not thinking about them, it was like they had came and went.


So love and being in love is 2 very different things, and do not get them confused if it is hard and annoying deal with the person you are dealing with then you guessed it sis that is a job, that is dealing with a child that is not love. so on the downtime focus on things you love like work or school. get your degree, get your money, have fun, and never stay if you wouldn’t be happy if the man was to become the father of your child one day.

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