So i created a Finsta

I live in my own bubble sometimes, and personally my bubble is my reality. I am nothing more then a mixed ethnicity, broke college student with a blog and a million of things to talk about. I am becoming somebody who i am proud of, my parents would be proud of , and hopefully my future kids will be like my mother did that she’s legit. But the process of getting to where i want to be versus where i am is a long journey and within my journey i want to be able to look back and remember all the little minion things i did along the way the emotions i had and the people i met and things i did so within my bubble i created a fiesta fling. 

For those of you who do not know what a fiesta is, it’s basically a instagram just for you. you post what you want free of judgment and it is honestly so therapeutic too me. I enjoy being able to post my ugly selfie, the person i don’t like, and the guy i am crushing hard on. I live to express myself without boundaries and having to face judgment. Though as each day passes i begin to care less and less about what people have to say about me and too me, it is just different. 


Today currently the world is a hot ass mess. people are mad at other people for marching and others are mad for people not marching. People are mad over politics and people are even more mad because some people do not fully grasp the whole concept of politics… Then there is me. T’yanna Angeline is pissed because i can not eat pizza till March, now that is T R A G I C people.

trumpdebate_cnnI look at my life, my friends, and work and i am like this is real and it is happening. I am in college i am working towards college degrees, and i 19 years old and yet i still make stupid decisions and do things i know i am going to be like ” wtf T’yanna” later on. But you see some people get mad at all their dumb choices and throw a big ole petty party but i turn mine to big ole ” i survived that parties” And that’s where i finally decided to have a fiesta fling. 

finstagramfakeinstagramisarealthing_2 In the beginning i was a little skeptical  about do i really want to put that picture of me with my face mask on, my eyebrows untamed and my cat looking dead into the camera in the background??? then i was like YOLO and pursued making a finsta followed only my closest friends and people i trust and got it cracking and it has been the best choice ever. 

Funny pictures deserve to be shown and seen, pictures  of you and your friends doing the simplest things not all dolled up deserved to be seen, you deserve to post a damn picture without having to aim for 100 likes plus and the ability to post a damn picture without feeling judged for it. 

img_8711 Exhibit A being this picture right here, this is on my finsta. i like this picture it is cute and funny but would never post it on my main due to the fact it lacks the professional look. I look naked even though i have a tank top on, my face looks color washed and I’m stuffing my face with banana  bread. however on my finsta i can post it and not have to worry about judgment and being professional and that is the best thing of a finsta fling. 

fries Life is short, and youth is shorter, we are only given a set amount of time to be young, and forever to be old. So with that being said enjoy your youth and do wild fun things, have a finsta fling. post the ugly selfies, the wild selfies, the i do not even remember taking that selfies. Have fun and stop taking everything in life so serious, live  a little and enjoy your youth. 

2 thoughts on “So i created a Finsta

  1. I always do that on my normal IG,mostly containin of great pics but i post the occasional, lets call it weird, slefie or pic on there and idc how many likes it gets.
    Cause that is me as well, the crazy or goffy or no makeup person….
    So, i have to say, im glad u decided to join those ranks of IG lol

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