Product of my father

giphy2 You can not out con a con artist, and you can not prank a joker, lastly if you fool me one time shame on you but fool me twice… shame on me. I have been prospering in the aspects of school and work I am a pretty little graceful butterfly, then there is the relationship side where I am a lion. I hunt when i am hungry and i chill when i am satisfied. I am selfish, iI am determined, I am motivated, and lastly i am extremely unphased. Calling me pretty is nice, but i know that. calling me funny is the best compliment, but I am aware of that too. and last complementing my physical looks thank you, but i own a mirror and i can see with and without my glasses, and my father is my number one fan.  I do not bend or break when it comes to two things in my life and that is my family and my time. 

b9a2fe917f8e0ccfc4136eb6cb7e9d5e I have placed in the top for everything I want. I was the top in my sales class because  like to persuade, i grew my blog from 3,000 views to over 5,000 in the span of 3 weeks . I bought myself my very first designer bag that i have yer take out the damn box because I feel that I haven’t found the right outfit to wear with it yet. I simply get what i want because I work hard and do not stop for anybody. So why would I ever slow myself down to focus on non-rewarding situations and people. Because the world is yours you just have to work for it to take it. 


giphy3 Everything I am working towards i have slipped up in times, however I got up and dusted myself up and kept going. however with the morals i have bent them a few times by a few I meant a lot. behaved women rarely make history. I talk back, I question authority, I am not submissive, I do not give a damn who you are i am in charge of me, and I am very vocal about my opinions and views, and lastly I own all my actions and word choices with pride.

I have been reading how women are mad at other women for marching and being vocal with their opinions on their views like where they do that at?  I personally did not march because there was not one near me, however I applaud all that did march i seen y’all, y’all did the damn thing. I guess in a way me writing this exposes that i am very much a feminist and so be it. I believe women should have the right to do what they want with their body, women would have the right to hold jobs of power example being president, Hilary was beyond qualified, but votes did not happen. I believe women should be able to dress as they please and not have to hear society rant about it. Women just need to find it within themselves to be everything they desire to be and realize we as women will never fully have societys acceptance and green light to do as we please. tumblr_inline_nhztwi1iv61qbsprj When i wear the little black dress, when i kiss on the first date, when i say fuck, bitch,shit, holy fuck it is my choice. I am not going to wear ankle length dresses and cover myself because it is “lady like” i am sure as hell not going to stop cussing when i feel the need to cuss because it is not “lady like” or ” women language” and i am not going to censor my writing because it would be an embarrassment upon my family because i am showing how non-submissive i am. and how i disagree with basically everything I’ve been taught growing up. I love how my parents  raised me and the morals and beliefs that taught and told me about. then the older i got the more i began to find a sense of self. and everything i want out of life let society tell it i am wrong for. 

tumblr_mopbb4hbgy1r8t03jo1_500 My dad is a man, he taught me about lady like behavior, morals and integrity but he always made sure I knew that I never needed a man to be successful and that I could be anything in the world if i put my mind to it. And when he would give me this speech when I was younger  I would be like ohh here we go but now that I am older I understand it now, and I get it.  Me and my dad get along sometimes every blue moon due to the fact we are two very strong personalities and he likes to know it all, and I like to know it all but i admit when i do not know enough. but he taught me all about not needing a soul to be somebody important in this world, it is all on you.

200_sI want a career before i want marriage, I want at least 100,000 in the bank before having kids, and i want my undergrad, grad, and to finish law school all before turning 25. I do not care to make my dad a grandpa before he turns 50, i do not aspire to marriage and i sure as hell do not feel the need to answer to society nor hear about the government and how they feel i should act with my body.  No, i do not believe in abortions but that is my opinion my prerogative. I am not the next women so who the hell am i to be all in her business about her body, it is not effecting me. My aspiration in life to live a life where i did everything i wanted to do, without tiptoeing around in attempt to not piss society off. I want my future daughter/daughters ( cause i am pretty positive it is my karma) to know she can be anybody a man is a want not a need. And lastly the fact that i am appreciative for all women, the ones that march and express themselves publically,  i admire it thank you for using your freedom of speech. and to the ones that are vocal about not liking it to each its own but you are expressing yourself as well that is the same thing you claim to” hate ” the only difference is your writing on the internet and they are actually walking in public being vocal. same story different settings. 

tumblr_inline_nrepnc1i1h1ripgeb_500I am opinionated, I am assertive , and i am determined. I want to make a million plus dollars one day, drive a nice bmw i8, and be able to stress about which Chanel i want to buy because i already have the current year and the next years collection anyway. I want to stress out over what outfit to put my future children in because they are in the zone of almost repeating the outfit they wore 1 month ago. I want to focus on making me and my future children better and a more productive, powerful, inspiring person amongst society. I do not and will not grant my time to men, society’s acceptance and being perceived as “lady-like”. I do not want to be lady-like or a role model i simply want to be T’yanna Angeline Hall. 

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