25 things i want my future daughter to know and never forget

1. Your education will never hurt you, trust me i used to think this was the dumbest saying but i write this in college almost wrapping up my associates and i feel accomplished and proud, and though it drug my sanity it never broke my heart. 

2. Life will get hard, but you are only given what you can handle 

3.  White is a pretty color,  it also attracts dirt and other things everything so when you wear it please bring a tide to go stick and lint roller, and another dress because i am not being dramatic when i say it attracts dirt and other clutter. 

4. Even when you think i don’t know, i know.

5. You are going to fail a math class in your school career, it is in your blood and it is okay. 

6. Curly beats straight always have always will

7. Buy the shoes, I know i will nag you about saving but the regret of not buying the shoes is going to follow you forever 


9. I love you and I haven’t even met you yet. 

10. When you wear heels out, pack a pair of flats because your feet will get to hurting halfway through the night and walking like a newborn deer is not cute 

11. Blast your music when you are sad, blast it and I know I’m a nag you about going deaf but music helps and it helps a lot 

12. If you have a feeling he is not good, it is because he isn’t 

13. I know your fake friends before you do, listen to me and do not question it 

14. Always be nice to your server, you’d be surprised how one nice customer could change their whole day and attitude 

15. NEVER EVER EVER NEVER bully anybody cause if you do i will beat the breaks off of you. 

16.  If you want to eat the burger eat it, the salad may have fewer calories but the salad does not make you happy. 

17. Find something that you love and do it everyday 

18. Listen to J.cole Love yourz at least 3 times a week helps keep your life in perspective 

19. Never try to keep unhealthy relationships, if you feel like they are drawing you, drop them and if you want to give them an explanation then you can however you are not entitled to. 

20. When you dye your hair in the summer you go darker, and in the fall you go lighter, you most likely will have a golden complexion so do not follow the lighter in the summer darker in the fall rule because you will look washed. 

21.Guys come and go, trust me on this. They are like ear-rings you will wear them for a whole week or two then you lose one of the pair then next thing you know you buy another pair and from that pair the cycle continues and you eventually forget which pair of earrings you even started with. 

22.Read cosmopolitan, cosmopolitan has the answers, I read that now faithfully ill let you start reading it probably in the 6th grade even though there are some things in there considered inappropriate but it is like the women’s survival bible, and inspiration land. 

23. Your dad most likely will know what he is talking about when it comes to y, due to the fact he is one, was a young teenager/man for a point in his life, and I am 19 but i have this feeling i will pick a pretty little intelligent man to have you with so listen to him.


25. I love you, I have not had you yet, and probably won’t for a long time. but I love you and know you are going to make my life amazing, adventurous, stressful and one hell of an adventure. 


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