You get what you pay for


Loves, dolls, people big and small, i have been trying a lot of new things lately, one being i am attempting to start saving my money again, i am starting to cut back on carbs i eventually want to transition all the way into organic and eat like  a little bunny rabbit one day hopefully, i am wanting to travel more and then lastly i am beginning to dip my feet in the water of the world of makeup. Now i am not trying to get in above my head and create a whole new face that deep in makeup however i do want to learn to do a little something, like fix my eyebrows, look like a little glazed doughnut with good highlight and have my eyes shimmer and sparkle with nice pigmented eyeshadow, just that kind of deep. 

It all began when i had received my moon child glow kit from Anastasia, and seen the way the highlight had complemented my face and it was from that moment i had fallen in love. being bi-racial i was blessed with a  golden appearance int he summer and yellow in the winter however tis winter i have been keeping my semi golden appearance. and the highlight was poppinggggggg. 

IMG_9562.JPG Like do you se that glow?? i had to snap this picture and look again like damn that s really me looking like a godly little glazed doughnut.  Then from my obsession with the goo kit lead to my obsession with eyeshadow…. 



I recently purchased the Anastasia Renaissance eyeshadow palette  and let me tell you it was the best 45 dollars spent because i am loving how pigmented and lasting these eyeshadows are, they last long they are quality and when you think about it you get 14 color choices for 45 that is equal to almost  4 dollars per color choice and that is beyond worth it for quality makeup i always tell my friends a girl can never be cheap about 3 things 

  1. Your Hair 
  2. Your nails/eyebrows 
  3. Your makeup 

These 3 things are essential to a women and sweetie when you try to cut corners and be cheap you save a little money but you also play yourself and look like the money you spent always choice quality over quantity always, always, always!!! 




Makeup is fun, it gives us the chance to try new looks and expierment with things that interest us, i mean how fun is it to give yourself shimmery silver eyeys,and exotic cat eye looks, but please if you do it spend the pretty penny on the makeup. I say this coming to you as a used to be ” what is the cheapest option out here, and where is it at”. Until i relaized that the price reflects quality and id rather look like a bag of fresh 100’s then a bag of 1993 pennies. 

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