3 things i hate about Valentines day


Shoutout to the fact that valentines day is coming up and love is in the air, and i mean this literally because everybody around me is getting pregnant and or engaged, everybody is just feeling the love. and there is noting wrong with that but if you are me, you are very single and you know that this years valentines day is no different from the previous years you will spend it alone and with pizza while you binge watch your favorite N series and scroll your social media and enjoy the cute couples that been together for years and the cute couples who are strictly a social media act because the guy made a bird nest in your Instagram DM’s for the past month, and you caught sis in the club getting friendly with somebody who for sure was not her ” moon and stars” but that is none of your business. When valentines day is near there is just 3 things i can not stand about the week and here they are. 



#1 : The couple who appear like Ayesha and Steph but are really Sam and Ronnie


giphy1 I would be a lie if I said i do not enjoy these types of couples, they are hilarious they bring ym instagram feed entertainment and give me worthy tea for my group chat. However it is like valentines day week they wake up and the only thing on their mind is ” how can i show out even more than i did yesterday” and here is what i mean .

  1. This couple had history, they have been together for some time and they know each other or so they think they do. The girl is usually aware of the guys activities but choses to act oblivious. She knows he is out here being the village Scarlett but that does not affect her because you know sis is in “love”
    1. He is a funny guy, or he is very attractive, something about him keeps her around and attracts other people. and i say this form personal experience and once being apart of the shenanigans surrounding a guy like this.I used to be apart of the circus and entertain the shenanigans until I realized I was a clown entertainer a clown doing this. And through the guy is usually very appealing he seems to not know shit about commitment. And that leads to point 3
    2. He is usually committed in the Instagram pictures and tweets how the dms on his social media and the text messages he sends other girls the ” love of his life” is nothing less than you guessed it sis ” his cousin”

I hate this because I never understood the point of being in a relationship when all you want to do is talk to other people, and also because after a while of being entertained by the foolery the couple portrays it becomes repetitive and played out. We all eventually get over the flipogram of them doing cute things and the long sappy captions talking about forever and marriage for only 4 days to past and having to read long poetry poems about heartbreak and betrayal on her page and having to see the same 3 “single” memes he post on their page everytime they get into a disagreement. Couples like this either make me laugh or want to rip my eyelashes out. Guys like this make me regret ever allowing them to follow me on social media, and make me regret ever even talking the time to interact with them. And girls that allow this and take this just make me scream “sis wtf are you doing???!!!” Staying with a guy because he’s comfortable to you and you are “in love with him” name 5 things he does that’s beneficial for your life then get back to me about how is worth the Bullshit.


#2 Family jokes about ” When are you going to find a significant other?”

I say this as humble as possible I am gorgeous, I am funny, I am educated, and I very entertaning and getting a guys attention isn’t hard for me, however I prefer quality over quantity and when you tell that to people they seem to jump to the conclusion that you’re either bat shit crazy, or too picky. And I am, I like to pick everything apart and determine will me and a guy work. Because looks fade and personality does not and I love personality but looks also matter to me because physical attraction has to be present and this is not debatable. I know people in my life who has settled for a relationships just to be able to say that they’re in one and beat family and friends to it, it’s like relationships are becoming competitions and it is just not a wave that I will be riding, surfing, or even dipping my feet in. I will stay single until I find the male version aka a ultra blessing saint.


#3 I am reminded about “How Single” I still am

do not have a problem with being single, however the media makes it seem like That if you’re single you’re not really living life to the fullest and that you don’t know or feel the true meaning of Valentine’s Day when in reality I feel Valentine’s Day every damn day by having cats. My cats Leo and Jasper Adore me I am Beyoncé in their eyes. And not having to mention all of my boyfriend admire me too and most importantly I love me and that’s enough for me. I do not need a reminded with commercials social media post to be reminded I’m single cause trust me I’m single because…. I WANT TO BE!!!!!



that concludes my anti Valentine’s Day rant what are some things you can’t stand about Valentine’s Day????

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