nobody will care when you are 23

tumblr_inline_mvk21y5vsy1r79k32 Today i got to sleep in on my monday and i woke up at 9:28 on the dot…. on my day off how perfect. So i laid in bed for about a hour and was just scrolling my social media and i swear i see the same things being glorified on a day to day base. 

  1. The repost if you love god, like share comment or go to hell post 
  2. the instgram famous people, the ones who host parties, promote detox teas and swear up and down they are a model 
  3. the athlete who post all the new things they get for free and the nice post workout pictures ( personally i do not mind this one) 
  4. my friends and family 
  5. and the instagram whore, the one who might as well become a damn stripper but she sends mixed signals because one day she is naked then the next it is ” i love jesus” post for the next two days. 

I am not going to lie i used to be obbsed with Instagram i used to be pressed with the likes and the follows and my follower ratio. i was so into it then i realized that i do not get paid for this and 2. nobody is going to give a damn about me when i am 23 if i do not have some type of product to show for my work throughout the years.  

Lately i have been getting irritated with some people around me simply because in march is basically 2 years and some months marks and it is seems like people are still doing the same damn thing they were 2 years ago. 

People are still walking and catching the bus, and i am not speaking down on anybody who does this but people who had the money and the resources to get a car but chose to blow their money on stupid ass things. 

People are still clubbing over handling what needs to be done in school, work, life in general. 

People are still envious and jealous of people who actually got off their ass and went out and made something with their life. 

People are still blaming the world and the people around them for why their life has not moved in the past years. 

If there is anything that pissess me off beyond words is people who do not grow. 

tumblr_nf9558zdpw1qivigxo1_500 I was watching Paid N Full when i ws doing my homework one morning and it got my mind wondering about the people around me and whether i wanted to be like them or was their presence a annoyance amongst my life.  When i go tot thinking about the people around me i realized i had only 5 people i want around me and the rest i am just associating with because they are here for the moment. Another thing that this movie made me think about was do i play broker do i get flashy when i start getting to where i want to be in life… then i remembered i always promised to stay humble. 

tumblr_muka641bxz1sdwagyo1_500In a world where instagram fame is considered a accomplishment and makes you a celebrity, in a  world where people would rather have a million friends who do not even like them, in a world where people are just stuck doing the same thing everyday chose to be yourself, because nobody is going to give a damn about who the hell you are when you are 23 and have nothing valuable  to show for it.


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