Happy Valentines Day

Dear, Reader 

Happy Valentines Day!!! Whether you are single, taken, or in a complicated relationship this post is for you. 

giphy2 Today may be your most hated day of the year, or your favorite, or if you are like me you simply do not care about today because it is just another Tuesday and not a Friday. Instead of writing about 3 things I love about Valentines day and having to pull 3 forced things out the air, i simply was going to write about things i actually knew and feel genuine for and that is you the reader. 

After I write a blog post, I read your guys blogs. I skim through your about page and read through your post and try to get a sense of who you guys are. And it is interesting because a lot of you are very similar yet so different and it is nice to read about similar subjects yet from different views.  Some of you are very happy people, always writing about making the most of the day and turning a frown upside down as well as just living your life to the fullest. Where as some of you write about never seeing the sun again, and living in a dark black hole and when i read these post i think ” wow they really said that” or ” wow they really went there with that post” I had began to wonder who do they go too when they need help…

Personally I go to 1 of my 3 really good friends  Dominique, Oumie or Kathrine. They usually know my next move before i even make my next move. And It was this week i had wondered how many of my readers had Valentines? Personally i do not, and it is not some earth shattering matter in my life due to the fact it has been like this for years. And i think that in a way just made this day another day in my life because Valentines day has not been fun since Valentines Day in Elementary school. So instead of wondering about if you guys had a Valentine i just decided that i would be it.

So whether you are taken and celebrating today with your loved one and if you are feeling nice with your kids as well. I hope you enjoy your time and that your Valentines day is amazing. 

If you are single and celebrating by yourself or not at all, I suggest taking advantage of the cheap pizza that places have going on right now and making the most of the day. Buy yourself some jewelry, makeup, food ( my personal favorite) treat yourself. 

If you are in the complicated phase and you been there for months plus, sis let it go celebrate by letting it go and moving on before you get consumed and stuck celebrating Valentines Day pissed off cause you are allowing another human being to ruin your mood. 


45a77ac0a669b142ca219cd71b7e8748 So Instead of laying around the house bitter scrolling your instagram getting mad about couples celebrating their relationship or if you are single and independent and do not need a man to take care of you, embrace the day and do something. I know i am going to do all my Marketing homework and probably attempt to study for my physics quiz and i might order a pizza because i earned it and i love myself and deserve it.  So do you so enjoy your Valentines day and know that if you think you do not have a Valentine I will be your Valentine.  and lastly even if you hate hearing it… 

Happy Valentines Day 


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