3 things having a credit card taught me



Growing up my father had always warned me about getting a credit card, and how to wait because they are dangerous if given to the right people AKA me! I am a swiping happy person. when I get some money, i have to spend a little bit of the money just because. But in July of 2016 i got my first credit card and buddy let me tell you. It made me adult and grow up by at least a year or 2.

Learning my limit


I am very very very materialistic, i am not going to sit up here and lie to you guys however everything i drool about that is very expensive and high-end… i buy it for myself and by myself. So when i had went to the bank which i add i only came in there to open a new savings account…how ironic right and my  girl Holly got me hooked on the idea of a credit card. She was spitting major facts that was clicking in my head and had me in the chair like

giphy3 Having a credit card can have me living lavish before i turn 21 BETTTTTTTT, it was when she was running my social and income proof when she hit me with the approved, which is no shocker then she hit me with okay your card has a max of 10,0000 …. I nearly fainted i had to decide okay do i buy my Chanel bag and live like Beyoncé for the day or do I put it on the lowest i can go…… your girl took the lowest 600 and has since lived a pretty nice content life.


Knowing my Wants from my Needs

giphy4Having a credit card is basically having a shopping spree in your back pocket. it is all this money that for the moment is not your money but you control that money. And the first day i got my credit card i had got ym nails done and ordered a combo meal because guess what… I am rich.  or so i thought i had a 600 dollar limit and i am going to name you the things that put me at 600 in 1 week

  1. plane ticket to Atlanta
  2. Nails and feet done
  3. Birthday outfit shopping
  4. food

Now when i look back at this list the only thing i needed was a damn plane ticket cause i missed my friends, and the food i already had a lot at the house, the nails and the feet could have waited, and the birthday outfit shopping…. I have no comment because i believe women can never have enough clothes. But having this lovely little credit card has made it so much easier for me to determine do i need it or do i want it.


It can either make or break your future

giphy5 It has taught me the power of self control and balance. When i had realized the difference between my wants and my needs and the overall power of money it made me look at my credit card as a golden key to my future. As of now my credit score is booming and i am doing a pretty good job at keeping it high and best believe ya girl has autopay set on her card because lord knows i can not afford to not have it on. trust me when i say you want to have good credit in your 20’s and your life not play ” let me fix my credit because i was young and dumb.”


So my opinion on credit cards would be to…

  1. get one when you make at least 400 up a check…. trust me on this
  2. If you have a job with set hours at least 30 up
  4. If you can not pay it all off at once at least pay double the minimum, your score will thank you
  6. think before swiping is it a want or need and can you afford to pay it off when the credit card bill is due
  8. plan and budge your card out because it is literally a baby, literally
  9. name the credit card,Sylvester is my cards name and he does no wrong in my eyes
  10. thank me later for this advice, and lastly enjoy the lovely world go having a credit card

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