Weekend song for 02/17/17-02/19/17

I am going to do this new thing where I post a song every thursday that i will devote to being my “weekend song”  the song that i will play at least probably 7 times within the weekend whether i go to the gym or do last minute homework, or study just a song that i will listen to why i chose it and what the song reminds me off, and some weeks it may be a mainstream song, the others local Michigan artist i listen to or sometimes it might even be my friends song. This weekend i chose the Chainsmokers song Paris. 


I first heard the Chainsmokers when I went to a Grand Valley State football game during halftime and at the time i did not the song was called closer i just referred to it as the song that sang my life with the first line ” hey i was just doing fine before i met you” Because that is literally my life in a nutshell. So after blasting closer from the end of august to currently i had discovered they released a new song called paris, while i was browsing through Youtube and getting tired of my dateline binge watching i had seen they had just uploaded and i was like in the 1,400 views area on top of it, and when i played it, it became my new Closer. 

I chose this song because it is a feel good song, something about the beat and the whole chourse  itself is catchy as well 


” if we go down they we go down together 

They’ll  say you can do anything 

They’ll say that I was clever 

If we go down then we go down together 

We’ll get away with anything 

Let’s show them we are better 

Let’s show them we are better

Let’s show them we are better”

The song overall has this good vibe about it so this si my first song of the weekend 🙂 hope you enjoy!!

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