7 billion people 1 dream

I am addicted to thrills. I enjoy doing the things that i know are either going to be dangerous and or put me in a situation where either everything is going to go bad, or i am going to walk away with one hell of a story to tell. When I realized this i also discovered i and a thing for people who bought me thrills and were either going to be one hell of a story or one hell of a lesson, and lately everything that was a lesson in a way is writing a story. 

2017 is going by fast and the more i think about the things i want out of life they are completely different from all i said i wanted last year around this exact time. Last year i was a very very revenge seeking person. i wanted everybody to feel how they made me feel and i would go out of my way to make sure they felt it, but now it is as if they did not do a single thing to me, because they did not do anything to  me worth hating them or blocking them out of my life. 

I have been put up to compete with people i now and don’t about the stupidest shit, and i used to entertain it because back then i had time, and with a lot of free time either comes productivity or self-pitty or time to raise hell, and i always found myself on a fine line between both. 

This time last year i had gotten a little more serious with blogging and school because i really do want to have a bright future and be able to live peaceful and comfortable so that requires sacrifice and time to both school and my blog. and when i had finally grasped that idea i was going to have to chose either my dreams or people, and i lost a lot of people. and for a time i had lost myself.

I’ve been good busier then ever, school is cramming wrapping up week 7, my job is great, and I am just really blogging and school doing the same tow things i was last year just very differently. 


I do not answer my phone as much 

I barely text anybody first 

I don’t really lurk anybody hell i don’t even have a crush on anybody 

I haven’t been binge watching any shows on Netflix 

I follow a routine. 

i have a whole blog on how i hate routine and how i will never do it but here i am doing it and it is working and i have it in place to get to where i want to be. last year i was so sorry for hurting people in the process of finding myself and trying to create this world for myself and currently i am in a place where i realized you can’t hurt people if you don’t get close to people. 

I am pretty content with the people I have in my life and i am learning they are really all i need right now because when you have a good small genuine circle of people that truly love you and look out for you, life is soooo much easier. Having  a lot of associates and ” friends” was consuming because though they be with you they are not always for you. So when you feel the need to have to choose your friends, family, significant other over  your dream. Chose your dream because people who truly love you will never put themselves against your happiness. 


so that being said 

Live your life chase your dreams and never ever settle 

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