March Madness is coming !!!

Y’all March Madness is here it has arrived and I am excited!!!! Though i am avid football fan and love it ten times more then basketball i am a huge march madness fan and this year it college basketball has been crazy to say the least, very very unpredictable.


NCAA AP Top 25 Teams are as listed

1 Kansas
2 Villanova
4 Gonzaga
5 North Carolina
6 Oregon
7 Arizona
8 Louisville
9 Kentucky
10 West Virginia
11 Baylor
12 Florida
13 Butler
14 SMU
15 Florida State
16 Purdue
17 Duke
18 Cincinnati
19 Notre Dame
20 Saint Mary’s
21 Wichita State
22 Wisconsin
23 Virginia
24 Iowa State
25 Miami


Now as for my top 5 Favorite teams within this 25 listed that i want to see take and win it all are…




ashley-judd-kentucky-wvu-best-gifs-of-the-2015-ncaa-tournament I have been a Kentucky fanatic since my junior year of high school, super cliché I know they are like the Alabama of college basketball, you know they are going to go pretty far when it come to regular season and especially  when march madness comes around. Right now the Wildcats have a record of 24-5 and they are the first team i want them to take it all because it has been a minute since the boys were #1.


#2 North Carolina

giphy6 I have such a soft sport for anything north carolina in my heart, and I honestly do not know why and were it came from but it has always been there and i just love me some NC.Now i started watching their games a little my junior year of high school then transitioned to Nc state pretty hard-core and regularly then i went back to watching NC and they boys come out to compete and win, and i am here for it!!!! They currently have the record of 25.5 this is the second team i want to see take it all.


#3 Kansas

crying-kansas-jayhawks-fan-sports-crying-gifs Here we have an accurate representation of me if it comes to Kansas and they are playing a team aside from NC or duke and lose. I honestly started watching them more this season and i watched when Kelly Oubre was on the team. And they have a good team which on the court seems to have a amazing chemistry so they are a team i wouldn’t mind see taking it all as well. they are currently sitting with the record 26-3


#4 Florida State

fsu_seminoles_logo_2014 Y’all know I love me some florida state university!!!  i am an avid watcher of the college football team and do the war chant whenever i get the chance to, and lately their basketball team has been balling. i watched them play Clemson and that game was intense.. Clemson almost had them. I have them here because i am a little bias off the fact it is fsu and i am a huge football fan of them, and also because the team has been balling and if they were to take it all it would be theres because the boys have been working, they currently have the record 23-6.


#5  UCLA

2087_ucla_bruins-alternate-2004 They are only here because Michigan is not ranked within the top 25 and I promised i would only list teams that are ranked and in the running so here they are UCLA bruins they currently have a record of 26-3.


So as March approaches and college basketball begins to intensify I hope one of my 5 teams listed above takes it all !!!!!


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