Top 5 Oscar Looks




rs_634x1024-170226133856-634-zuri-hall-cm-22617     ZURI HALL : Sis really did that in this dress. I usually am not a huge fan of two very different fabrics coming together on a  dress however this is a look and it is a look I am here for and support. her skin compliments the color of the dress and everything about it iIjust love, love, love it.



chrissy-teigen-oscars-51a744bc-522a-4b59-8c8d-8ad5859e5914CHRISSY TEIGEN : I just wan to say i love her and her personality  and just her whole persona. And this dress, this dress is that deal. i love the fabric it is very clean-cut and silky and is complimented by the silt and sequence i am truly here for it.



rs_634x1024-170226164610-634-brie-larson-2017-oscars-awards BRIE LARSON : I love the act the color is black and the bottom cut and texture is so different and unique. not to mention the way the top is composed. with the triangular shape around the boobs forming a V-shape. The dress is just very fitting and formal i love it, i would personally buy this dress and wear it if i was ever invited to a ball or something..


cynthia-erivo-shoes-oscars-red-carpet-2017 CYNTHIA ERIVO: When i first looked at this dress i was like ” eww no wtf” then when i stared at my screen and was like ” hmmm it is nice fitting and the design is nice and has great symmetry” and bam i was like this is pretty nice. and boom she is my 4th favorite look from the Oscars.


oscars-red-carpet-431-robin-roberts-superjumbo-v2ROBIN ROBERTS: This color is so fitting on her, and looks so nice and fitted. when i looked i thought of Mariah Carey vibes, and was getting irritated by the sequence not being consistent throughout the whole dress. but then i was like this looks amazing and the dress was made nicely. so she is my 5th favorite look coming from the Oscars.


What are your favorite looks?


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