Oatmeal and Water


While trying on my summer shorts i noticed 3 things about my body 

  1. My boobs are huge
  2. My thighs are nice
  3. My stomach is not on flat flat, however if i  get it on flat flat then my head might look to big for my body and my boobs might just consume my whole body

It was when i was staring in the mirror examine myself, i had said 

” okay bitch it is time to get it together” 

It was then I made some changes that i am going to share with you guys! 


Water is your friend

I have cut out all juice and pop out of my diet, and simply drink water, and by doing this I realized i drink less and it fills me up way more than juice to pop ever has. I could drink a cup of apple juice and then crave 3 more cups, i drink one cup of water and can barely finish of a second cup if i even chose to get a second cup. And i heard people complain about water not having taste, to simply is not something they crave, that is when you toss in lemons, berries, something to add a little taste yo your drink. 


1 hour to 2 in the gym will not destroy your life

I have  a pretty set schedule when it comes to the gym, I usually head right after work so I have no excuses and when I get it done, I do not have to worry about it, and all the time you spend doing nothing at home, you could have went to the gym and did something. 


Do different types of workouts

while at the gym I do a variety of different things so I can get all areas of my body and not just look nice in one area, and be this proportioned blob. 

My normal routine consists of

  • jogging an hour on a sped of 3.4 incline of 6.5
  • then from there I go do some weights, nothing more than 50 reps and add 25 each week that passes.  focusing on my legs, arms, and lower back
  • I do about 15 minutes on the stepping stair machine
  • then i usually sit and think ” is this what it feels like to love and hate yourself all at the same time”


Eat Oatmeal and other good carbs

I eat oatmeal everyday and it is the best!!!!  it is filling, it ha carbs es but It has the good carbs. and fiber, and protein, it is truly the goat. I have a tube of plain oats, and it literally taste plain however if you add cinnamon, bananas or any type of fruit or such then it will give that good flavorful yet healthy taste. And other foods that i eat that are good carbs and protein is peanuts, cashews, and dried fruit. Trader Joes and Whole foods are my new favorite food stores because it is organic and healthy, pricey yes but worth it yes yes. 


Get your sleep

This is one I am still working on because I am up at the odd hours of night and I have been reading and noticing that when I sleep more, I have a better day more energy and way more productive when i go to the gym. 

Make it fun

Getting in shape and staying healthy can seem like a job when there is temptation at every corner however, if you make it interesting and fun then it won’t be as bad. an example is I look forward to my oatmeal and dairy days, and going to the gym because I feel accomplished, and it is nice to fit into the cute outfits and not look like you are being stuffed. think about 3 months from now how happy you’ll be that you got started. invite friends to  workout with you, get fitness apps and interact with other people on the same journey as you. It is more fun when you feel like you are apart of a group. and not just the lone wolf. 


Know that it is going to take time

you don’t do a set of squats for a day and wake up with a J.Lo booty, you do not run on the treadmill for an hour and wake up with a stomach like Megan Good, good things take time, and with time comes patience.  good things come to those who work hard, and great things take time. You got this stay focused and dedicated!!!!

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