When i was 5 years old i wanted to become a veterinarian  loved animals and it seemed like that was the perfect job. 

When i was 16 i had discovered that i loved to write, and share my feelings with people that i wasn’t camera shy and decided journalism was my thing, it was something that i could do and do it well. 

Now i am 19 and i realize that i love things hands on and i love helping and creating and finally getting a chance to dabble my feet in the world of medicine. 


The past couple of weeks i have been getting dragged by my classes but you guys know that is nothing new in my world, and i haven’t been writing much however i am back and really just realizing life is all about timing. I have been planning and plotting on what i need to get done when i need to get done and it has helped me find this inner balance which is bringing peace to my life in a way. 

I am still learning i am 19 and i have time but time flys, especially when you graduate highschol nothing will go at a slow and steady place everything in a sense just begins to fly.  


I have had a pretty wild 3 months into 2017 all incidents involving miserable people trying to have me be in attendance to their ” i hate my life ” pity party and let me tell you i do not know what that feels like because i am pretty happy and excited about the things i am doing in ym life. I don’t really go out half as much as i used to, i do not care about keeping the company i used to keep and i don’t really feel the need to maintain relationships family or not if i am not happy with the relationships. I feel like people will make you feel bad the second you break away form ho you used to be, and begin to create yourself again. When the only thing you have to remember is your life is on your timing nobody else. 


I check social media and see people my age some are sugar babies who get money off looks others in college trying to get the degree to make decent money, some jumped right into the work field and others had kids, and some are doing nothing but still living in their moms basement. but everything is and will always be about the timing. 

I always wanted a big family, a bunch of kids, a beautiful house but i have goals i want to cammomplish places i want to see and those two things have more of my concern and attention then kids. granted kids are adorable and they are said to bring you the ” ultimate joy” i feel like i do not want kids until i can afford it mentally and financially. 

I feel like  20’s is the age when people expect you to start getting your life together and are expecting you to have it figured out. when my 20’s is going to be a hot ass mess. i am going to wrap up undergraduated shoot for my masters then look forward to around 7 more years ontop of my 6 years already and it used to scare me and i used to look for ways top out of the idea and chose a different career path that required nearly less then half the work.  off of me being lazy then i relaized all the stress is going to pay off because the timing always comes through when you least expect it. 


Sometimes life sucks, but it is not about how bad the day goes compared to how amazing yesterday was. it is simps about trusting the process and knowing the timing is always right. 

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