New Rules

I don’t really want to spend time skipping down memory lane and id rather cut straight to the point of things and share what i am living by. Since college began i have been meeting guys and getting an idea of what i like and what i don’t and if you read my blogs or follow me on social media you seem to have an idea of my type and what i go for. However social media is what i choose to share my blog is really were everything is real, raw and uncut. I used to be scared to share and nervous to share what I was doing and how i was feeling and now i am at the point where it doesn’t bother me.  I have had old friends and people say how they could never do what i do, how they do not understand it blah blah blah, and the truth is they couldn’t because they are not me however they tried to take things i did and make it there’s and i decided instead of just letting people assume i will share how and why i do what i do.



I am not going to be a girlfriend to a guy i am simply texting. I will not curve people for you, i will not cook or buy you things, and i will not keep you as my only option. Us getting to know each other is not an “audition” to me. I am not going to bend myself backwards and display what i bring to the table in a  relationship if there is no relationship. I am not going to be sitting at home and not going out, and i am not going to wait until you are ready to commit and for a relationship. You are not a luxury to me, and you are not a need to me so why would i ever put myself second just to show that i “deserve” you?? if you want some commitment and faithfulness guess what has to happen, you have to come up off some commitment buddy.



I learned this lesson the past year with a friend. She always wanted to preach the gospel to me about how i was playing myself and wasting my time with certain guys and how they weren’t shit and all this yet with the same mouth she was dragging them with she was sure as hell being buddy buddy int here face and following them on social media. Now this blew and still blows my mind because she really was playing both sides and proud to be entertaing what i already entertained. So to keep it short and sweet if your friend trashes them but is friendly in person on social media cut the snake off.



If i do not like you, i will not hide it my face and actions will show it. I do not care if we are friends or family i am not entertaining relationships i do not care for. And telling my parents,friends or people about it will not change how i feel towards you. I will not bash you on the internet or speak down on you to others because i was raised better then that, i will simply just ignore the fact that you are alive and keep going on with my life.



Now this is that one. I have talked to people who have money and the fame and i have talked to people who are regular everyday people, and though the difference in their tax brackets was very evident and there every last one was held to the same damn rule which was treating me how i deserve. The second i feel anything less i am going to keep it pushing and if it happens to be your friends, brother, cousin, enemy adios buddy should have did the one simple thing i asked which was treat me right. I am a huge believer in how they treat you is how they feel about you and if i feel like you treat me like nobody i am going to keep it pushing with my nobody ass.



I am the sibling that my dad tells my other siblings ” do you really want to end up like her” and it used to bother me a lot growing up but now i don’t give a damn because i am happy with how things are going and where i am going. I am putting myself through college and making things happen for myself by myself and having fun along the way. If i was to do what others wanted me to do i would have took some type of trade up because ” i am not made foe college” and ” do not have the work ethic” and apparently ” wouldn’t last 30 days” but here i am 3 years later living and almost done with college. and with everything i learned and been through i wouldn’t change it simply because it made me me, and i am  happy with who i am becoming.

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