I almost dropped out of college but….

We meet again my thousands of readers, I know you are waiting for what traumatic event happened in my life to bring me back to writing to you guys and the answer is 

I almost dropped out of college, but instead I changed my major to journalism. 

Pre-med was fun, it was a riot it was hard work and rewarding work however it was not my thing. growing up i was hard-headed and liked everything media and popping, i never told any body while growing up ” i want to be a doctor” I did say i wanted to be famous, have my own television show, and i was always  write, writing was my outlet it was where i could really just release everything and anything bothering me, hence which led me to make this drastic change. 


The choice came when i thought about dropping out of college 

I was looking at my summer schedule and looking at all the math i was about to face, and  thinking about the hours i had left to do shadowing and the mcat prep and the choosing of the medical schools and which master program i wanted to go into, all these thing i was planning for i asked myself if this your dream and passion or is it just something that you are good at?? I was looking at my planner and all these things planned but then i looked at my computer and my tabs up where my blog, cosmopolitan, a blog about living in NYC and working for Elle, and a journal entry from 2015 where i was telling myself when things feel like they are not for you, listen and do what you love and love what you do. so that was when i thought to myself was i chasing my actual dream or just mastering a craft i was natal good at ??? that is when i discovered i have been sitting on my hands and ass on what i was supposed to be doing and that is writing and reporting. 

Thinking back to my childhood to now I was always consistent and loved writing and reporting 

I am not a shy person nor am i afraid to say what needs to be said. I have a gift for picking up on energy in a room and seeing when somebody was passionate and somebody who is just getting by off what they are doing. I would meet other ore-med students and they knew since they were young kids, seniors in high school, and some freshmen year then there was me who was introduced last year and took it on because i was good at it and seen myself doing that. But as time passed i would look at journalism majors and see the projects they were doing, the coursework they were studying and i was beyond intrigued as well as jealous of all the fun they seemed to be having reporting on events they found interesting all while i was learning about the 216 bones in the body.  … pissed and hurt i realized i was doing the wrong thing. 


So since ditching pre-med I have began to feel so much more peace and am beyond happy with my decision 

I can blog again with the time i have, i can keep track with what cosmopolitan, vogue and ELLE are doing and i can watch blogs and get inspired, to make some and report on things that interest me, watch sports and share my opinions. It only took me doing something i liked to realize what it was that i loved.  

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