Always Bring your flats

Yesterday was a day, it all started when I took my car in for an oil change and you know how that goes you go in for some oil and leave with a list of things your car needs done in order to survive. i was expecting a list of 17 things however there was only 7, God Bless. So anyways yesterday i went to this party/event involving tow big frats, and you know i was excited ready to act a fool have a good time you know show up show out, however this party I think I learned more life lessons then actually enjoying the party and acting like I was not raised right. So here are the 5 things i learned within 5 hours at this party ( yes 5 hours we got there around 9:30 left at 2 and it was packed from the beginning to the end)



If you see the same 5 people at two different parties you are guaranteed to see them at the third.  I like meeting new people simply because I believe networking is essential, and this party i went to was a huge one, I mean huge. Like 500 plus people so i was thinking you know maybe I will see new people, fresh faces, all that good stuff. WRONG everywhere I looked It was either

  • ” I know you”
  • “You follow me on instagram”
  • ” You don’t follow me but you watch ym instagram story”
  • ” I went to elementary school with you”
  • ” ehhhh I really talked to you wow i was at a low point in life”
  • ” Wow half of the people i grew up with and around is here it is damn near a reunion”

I finally realized when you want different you are going to have to do and go to different events. I thought maybe I was just not opening myself up to meet ne people but i was simply leaving a box i did not care for anymore just to go to another box that was the exact same just had some glitter sprinkled on it.



Cash is making a comeback people, believe it or not with cash app, venom,paypal, all these apps that allow you to pay for things and people from your phone are being second eld next to cash…. in 2018…. people are going to possibly ask you for cash. personally I do not like carrying cash because I lose money and feel the need to spend it when I see it and here that it is there and around me.  It was when I was wanting a drink to take my mind off the fact my feet were killing me, I was sleepy and my stomach was eating my back and the only thing holding me back was i had no damn cash.


Though my feet were killing me, I was hinge, there was too many people and the music was not loud enough i had a great time. How man more years do i have to be able to take a road trip and go out with my friends and just be young. When i was standing on the backs of my heels trying to make out what sound was playing and just watching everybody around me dance,drink,argue and just interact i realized i was thankful to even be there. I begin to think some  people did not wake ups his morning, some people who I grew up with are dead and would have loved this party, and i am in good health and loved at this packed ass college party in college doing what a college kid does, it is what is to be.


Me and my bestfriend Cierra are usually great but when we go head to head we go head to head, and it happened last night. she had stepped on my foot with her 6 inch heels and i had yelled to stay in one place and watch where you walk. and things escalated and we ended up screaming at each other and damn near ignoring each others presence for the rest of the night. While being mad at her i was thinking about suggesting we just box it out when we get back home,or how if she tried me again i was going to de-wig her. ( we both wear wigs so she would have got my ass right back ) so it was as i was sitting on tub in the corner of the party because my feet were killing me I started to remember that was my bestfrined. the girl who I tell everything too and literally do everything with. I remembered times i pissed her off and did something stupid and how we get pass it as time passes, that is the beauty in friendship.



It is that simple, your feet are going to start to hurt and the flats you packed din your purse are going to be better than the first sip of chick fil a lemonade.


In life you are going to go to parties and they are not going to be anything you expected or everything you expected and it not be what you wanted at all. Just enjoy the moment note the wild things you see and hear and learn from it,  because one day it will simply be a memory you will look back on and laugh about.

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