When you text one time and the person doesn’t respond they might be busy when you text them for the second time and they don’t respond it might be they are annoying you and if you text them for three times and they don’t answer you……… LEAVE THAT PERSON ALONE. 

I will be chilling, watching law and order and hear my phone buzz, I am thinking it is my boo or social media notifications but no it is 313, 269, 305 bothering me for the third time in the day, that is not cute, it is not goals and it is not okay to blow somebodies phone the hell down just because you like them, they don’t owe you anything stop feeling so entitled to peoples time. 

I am big on social media, I am always on it interacting and posting getting to know and meet new people just enjoying all it has to offer me, and I get DMS form people all the time and some I answer to others I don’t, I respond to most with the typical thank you and or I appreciate that, because it is simple manners. But what has been happening lately is people feeling entitled to my time and my damn presence. 

I have had men dm over and over and over and I will not respond because clearly I am not interested and do not want to talk to you, stop it. stop pushing yourself on people who do not want to be pushed upon by you. I do not care how much money you have or what you do who you know if I am not attracted to you, you can and will not change that leave me alone and let me be. 

There is nothing worse then somebody who clearly sees’s that you are uninterested and not feeding into the conversation they are trying to have with you but continue to try to have it. If I say no it means no. If I say please leave me alone, get the hell out of my face. Stop crossing lines simply because you feel like rules and boundaries do not apply to you because they do. 

I do not care if you heard about me like a guy who plays the same sport as you, I do not give a damn if you heard how I like tall guys and you are tall, I do not care who the hell you are or what you do if I am not interested i am not interested keep it pushing. 

So that being said I need everybody to look in their phones and see if a person has a habit of not responding and ignoring you, exit stage left and leave them alone stop being a damn pest and go be in somebody else’s face that actually wants you in their life. 

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