GoldDigging 101

Money makes the world go around. It pays bills, maintains and gives a person a set lifestyle and is the main factor when it comes to power and control. Who doesn’t like money is the real question. Majority of people will tell you they love money and wish they had a lot of it, so why does it seem to become a problem when a Women says she wants a man with money? 


G O L D D I G G E R  ( golddigger) is defined as “a person who dates others purely to extract money from them, in particular, a woman who strives to marry a wealthy man.”

Now I am no rocket scientist, but I know for a fact nobody in their right mind would be against marrying somebody wealthy, but I also know somebody in their right mind would never marry somebody for the purpose of draining their bank accounts… Or are they smarter then most people give them credit for? 

I talked to a variety of men some with money and some with 20 in their account, and despite the obvious difference in tax brackets I liked and was interested in everybody I have ever talked to.  However, there was a huge difference in the way things went when it came to dealing with them as men. 

the ” normal” men were fun. Fun as in they were extremely relatable. We could talk about how college is beyond expensive, how our group chats were probably the most exciting things going on in our lives aside from school or work-related events, we could see each other on an eye to eye level and understand each other. But when I would talk to somebody who has enough money to buy out my tuition 25 plus times, it was a different feel. They would approach me on an we are equal bases but when we would really get to talking and being around each other it was clear there was a superior. We would discuss on what I was doing in school and my plans after and they would offer advice and in a way give me a pathway to follow and remind me how they knew everything because they been there before me. random acts of kindness weren’t the random pizzas paid and sent to me when I was hungry, it was a list of penny stocks and general stocks and a PayPal with money to buy the stocks, or an online course in real estate and how to work in the field and make 6 figures in my first year. Both gestures of random kindness were beyond sweet and nice but only one was actually letting me advance through life, and teaching me that the world is not run and made out of love, but money. 

I have used what I was taught by the rich men in interviews, and casual conversations with people older then me and they were beyond impressed on what I could speak on and how I carried myself, then there was the other side of the world which is the fact that I am still 20 years old and I mess up and act 20. I party, curse, flirt, major flirt, and I live very selfishly. And it is when the two worlds finally met each other I realized you can not live in two worlds at one time, and you are bound to crash and get caught in the middle. 

Rich men knew I was talking to people at my school and my age, but not everybody knew I was talking to rich men. 

I never lied or will lie when it comes to people I been with or have talked to, and guys from my social media, lurk through it pick out names they see and ask me and about that person and 9 times out of 10, I have never even met that person. And when I tell them that they usually don’t believe me and I don’t blame them because of 1. insecurities are real and 2. Money talks.  We all would like to believe that the ideas and views we have about certain people are reality and not some illusion we ake to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. When in reality we know nothing about them or their situation. 

I never got a Chanel bag, Or parts of my tuition paid, hell I never even got to take the selfie with the Rolex not because I was never offered nor had the chance that just isn’t my memo. Every rich man I have ever talked to I was inspired and motivated by them. I wanted to know how they did it, what did they do, and how they maintain it. And Rich men who are rich in factors more then money excite me. A common myth about myself is I love athletes when in reality I like looking at them, yes, but the odds me ever taking one serious and wanting a family with one are slim to none.  I like men who create, manage and give back. 


The people we talk to we have a million reasons and one key factor that makes us stay around. Some people look at the money, some look at that person is patient and helps them learn how to be patient or another trait that they lack. Others because the person may look a certain way, there are a million reasons as to why we are attracted to people and seek a certain type of person. And personally one of mine is money but the main is the ability to teach me. 

I can get money by myself, I can take care of myself, Hell I can even get by day to day by myself, but I cannot teach myself everything I want to know and for sure can’t teach myself on how to be self-sufficient yet vulnerable, and having a partner teaches me small steps but it’s still progress in the right direction. 

When I do get called a ” gold digger” I think it is funny. ironic. and screams how the person calling me it is insecure yet inspired all in the same notion. I once would see women with a well of man and instantly resort to calling her that, when in reality I was mad it wasn’t me. I wanted to know what she did, how she did it, and how could I do it next.

Sucess doesn’t come from seeking rich men, it comes from getting off your ass and making your own way for yourself and meeting them just along the way. 

I work full-time all through going to college full-time. I recently picked up a second full-time job working 80 hours a week and working towards 2 degrees so tell me why the hell I wouldn’t want a man with money and something established for himself? 

I started my blog back in 2016, built it from the ground up and one avid reader ( my grandma) and today I have thousand plus and that’s off me promoting myself. I could of and think I should of let certain people endorse me because I know for a fact I could have been on by now. I have a family member whos well connected within the acting world and celebrity lifestyle, I could have been made the call and used them as plug and worked up through his connections and name, but people don’t even know we are related. I could go on and on about how I could have been on off of a man, but you know this, it is the fact instead of taking the easiest path, I learned some of the most important and informal advice of my life. 

I don’t want to be famous, I don’t want to be taken care of and sit on my ass for the rest of my life, I don’t want to arm candy to anybody, I simply want who can let me be 100 percent of me, and instead of tweaking me help me build upon myself and every idea I have. I love men who have an establishment for themselves, and give back and teach others, I love a hustler. It makes me want to work harder to be on their level and hopefully, one day surpass them and create a healthy competition amongst one another, because my fellow gold diggers, money comes and goes…. but the hustle and ambition within a person, last forever. 

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