Creating “T’yanna Tells”

Reputation is important, almost as important as knowing the difference between you and your persona. I started my blog in 2016 with the intentions just to write and get my emotions out and get ideas and things off my chest. Then it sort of became my outlet to vent and shade people then it shortly just became my a platform for me to express myself and personality.  And through the process I realized while growing up, going through life, and thinking about my reputation I had created the image of T’yanna Tells.

I started a blog with the intentions to just get my feelings off but weirdly people started reading it and following it. And with that, I gained social media followers and then I started to think ” what if I took this serious”?  I could write about the stories involving guys I dealt with,  but I like my personal life to be personal especially in the dating aspect.  I could talk about the party life I lived in, but that would ruin my paper good image, or I could just write how I felt for the day and hope somebody in the world would relate to it, so from there I added and took away pieces of what made me, T’yanna.

I know for a fact I am a party girl. I enjoy getting ready and going out, I like being social and being seen. I also know I am very very selective with who I let into my real life. People know me for me and others know me for my social media aka tyannatells. I know I am moody as hell, I can wake up one day upset and mad at the world for nothing or over the slightest inconvenience, and other days I can wake up the happiest go- lucky person. I know I also mastered the talent of living in two different worlds without compromising the other.

One of my biggest blog posts was ” slut speaks”  That originated this time last year when I attended a university and had this reputation placed upon me and it was either I was going to spend time defending myself or I was going to embrace the fire that came with it and build off of it. That post created the trait of nonchalantness I had added to being tyanntells. Granted me as a person I was annoyed and embarrassed with what people had to say about me one because it was dramatic and false and lastly, everybody who had the most to say was beyond washed.

When I graduated high school, more towards the end of my senior year I had a type, and I wasn’t budging from it.  I liked the athletic, ambitious goal driven men. And that was all I would talk to and socialize with, not because the social status or perks that came with knowing them but because I could actually talk to them about really anything and everything wasn’t sex oriented and or house party, gossip. It taught me the meaning of the saying ” only mess with people who have shit to lose” because the instant I lowered my standards was when hell of issues came and I had to learn to separate myself from me as a person and reputation.

A couple weeks ago I talked to a guy I really did love when I was 17, and we were talking about how much we both have changed and how life is going for the both of us, and he asked me what happened to me taking my blog serious and always updating my Instagram. And what threw me off was one we didn’t follow each other, and two he was in a serious relationship and yet knew everything I seemed to be doing and the littlest keeks. He could tell when I was writing from the heart and when I was writing from emotions, it was like he was talking to 17 year old me and I don’ think I acknowledged the fact I never made peace with who I was from the age of 15 to 18.

when I was a teenager I dreamt of tyannatells. I created this image of a fearless, bold, social butterfly, a women who would walk into a room and people would know of or want to get to know. She would know everybody and all the places and people to know. She would date only men who had a meaning in life and could help her elevate through life, and she wouldn’t be afraid to be bold in life. She was everything to me 15-year-old me couldn’t be on her best day. And with time I created her and eventually became her.

2018 was a year dedicated to living in two different realities, then eventually merging them into one, and becoming who I always wanted to be while still holding onto the roots of who I was raised to be. And in that sense, there are people who love me for me, and people who love me for who I created myself to be. So as you read my blogs, follow me on social media, read my tweets and scroll through my pics, just keep in mind. It once was all a gimic and could still be one, that is something only Me, Myself and the people who truly know me will know. The whole world sees tyannatells, the ones I truly love will and know T’yanna.

I believe we all have a face we show the world. the one that everybody talks about judges you off of, It is the one you care what people think about only because it is the brand you created you in your head. Then there is the real you. The one your friends and family know the one who you grew up loving before the world told you to change it. That is the face only a select few see but the one who will have created and left a legacy when it is all said and done. Know yourself and ove and protect yourself at all cost.



xoxo, T’yannaTells


aka T’yanna Angeline ❤

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