21 things I would of never thought to happen to me at 21.

I am not going to do a long hard introduction. here are 21 things that I T’yanna Angeline have lived through and still am confused and kinda impressed that I am here alive and well to tell the tale.

  1. My freshmen year of college I was placed on academic probation. I was taking like 3 classes very light work class load. Had a C in math an A in English and a C in physics and my gpa that semester was a 2.4 ish and I was placed on academic probation :). That was also the reason I started taking 15 plus credit and never went below a 77 ever again in my life.
  2. I failed my drivers test the first time I tried, and not because I couldn’t parallel park, I could not back in, I literally pulled forward and fucked backing up like 7 times and yeah failed that.
  3. I once wrote a whole notebook page about how I didn’t like my stepmom and how my siblings were ” dumbfucks” for not knowing it was my dad and stepmom who were Santa. And on that same piece of paper I tried to finesse a ” no chores day pass” gave it to my dad not remembering what was on the back of it and handed it right over to him. He snitched and I was grounded for weeks.
  4. The guy I really really really liked, and actually saw a future with told me he had got this girl he had a one night stand with before I was having a child, a boy. I had to let him go and played usher confessions all day, every day for 2 weeks after telling me. I can’t listen to the song anymore at all because it puts me in a shitty mood
  5. I spent my 21st birthday on a booze cruise in New York City and ended up getting stupid drunk. flirting with some fine Dominican man never got his contact information, but ended my night with a guy I hated in high school and we had a blast and his air BNB was the coolest shit I have ever seen.
  6. the first time I got intimate in a wig, it was pulled right off my head, hella humbling and after that, I made sure my wigs have hella clips.
  7. I got 2 speeding tickets a day apart, hella points on the record
  8. I almost drowned when I was 16 due to the fact my brother who could not swim was allowed to jump off the diving board and I was supposed to catch him and as soon as he hit the water, the little nigga pushed my head down and was staying afloat on top of my head, then my other brother proceeds to jump in and throw him off my head, but let me mention, he cannot swim either and when I finally get to the side of the pool and catch my breath I see them both screaming and yelling I am drowning, shit was a mess.
  9. I got my associates, 2 and never even use them, od not even work in or for corporate America, let us all laugh together at that
  10. I ended up getting to know the athlete I had a crush on back in high school, realized the guy was a total asshole and had 4 different OCD’s, however, he was finer in person, and I got him right after my 18th birthday so it was a good way to bring in adulthood.
  11. I spoke highly of a guy I was getting to know and how he could possibly be the one and how I was so happy to have met him and you know etc etc etc, then one day he posts himself at a gender reveal party and it was for his baby, mans was at his future babies gender reveal party.
  12. My cousin ended up dating this guy I had in my dms, who was very bland and no personality when we first met, and they hit it off more than me and him so in a way I can call myself a modern-day hitch.
  13. My first ever greek party my freshmen year with the Ques, people were stuffed in a garage and house and were opening the garage so people could sneak in faster and I told myself I would never participate in ghetto shit like that ever again in my life, but there I was for years to come.
  14. The first time I was ever stood up wasn’t by a guy but my mom.
  15. Some of my closest friends I have i have met through social media
  16. When I was the most achieved student in college, was when I was the most suicidal and sad. I had managed to be the perfect golden student and I had never in life wanted for it all to stop, none of it felt like it was mine or right And it wasn’t because it was never my dream to have let alone live.
  17. I have become a certified and pretty happy Cat lady by the ripe age of 18. Jasper and Leo are basically the only people in my life who I can stand 365-24/7
  18. I swore off love at the age of 5,12,15,20,21, and yet continue to give men a chance and fantasize about my wedding day and having a bunch of children and being a wife and mom, but I am still honestly very content with being alone.
  19. I have put my time and effort into others peoples dreams and goals more than my own, and apart of me does it because I see so much potential in them and know they are capable of great things and I tend to see peoples potential more than my own at times.
  20. I have had over 15 jobs before turning 21 when I am unhappy I quit. No reason to stay where i am not appreciated and not happy
  21. I am 21, and have a idea of where my life is going but also still very confused and lost. But according to the movies and my family, I am doing very well and everything will fall into place, sooner or later…. And let us all hope they are right.

In conclusion, you reading this can see life is a mess. Things rarely go as planned and sometimes you just have to wing things and accept things you are not happy with. That is life and what life is about and these are 21 things i thought i would never have to expierence ever espically all before nad while only being 21. But you know what is life without a little spice.

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