Money over the social N(morals)S

Whoever aid money can’t buy happiness must of have been lying to somebody who was broke, or themselves. I don’t want to sound superficial but money has never not made me happy and has never not fixed 9 out of my ten problems.

My friends have always joked around with me that I’m shallow and only like material things and there’s like 89 perfect truth to that, however the other 11 percent of me has a lot of substance and love to me. But that 89 percent is a hill I’m willing to go to war for and die on.

Love doesn’t pay my bills, love doesn’t put clothes on my back or food in my stomach money does. If I don’t work I have money and without money I’m pretty much left to be dependent. And I hate asking for favors or people for help because people are usually only useful for as far and you can throw them. And I don’t have that much of upper body strength so people aren’t going far. The happiest I ever been is when I have money in my hand and accounts.

I know you’re probably thinking damn this bitch is shallow, or I knew she was a gold digger she only likes men with successful careers and can provide and I just want to say you’re absolutely right, I have a type and it men with money, however everybody I ever dealt with had that and I actually genuinely like them. Believe it or not I truly hate dealing with people. I view men as humans who distract and slow me down, hence why I truly will be 100 percent okay if I never get married I just want kids but that’s for another talk with tells. I just remember growing up I realized money will always be the main component when it comes to love.

I never seen adults fight over who loves who more but I did see them fight over money. I never seen love be the component in weather I could get something or not, love is a emotion but Money is the motive. As I get older I realize I love different from everybody else around me. Growing up I didn’t want to be a wife, I didn’t want to be a fool for anybody and though I love somebody if I had to chose their love or money, I will always take the money. And men in my life who have took the time to study me put together the theory that if I was to have their child I would love them due to the fact that they are the father. And in reality my child/children will be the only people I think I will ever go full vulnerable and weak and take the love over the money for. And that being a father will not change my views or stance on how I perceive love.

When I think of love I think of doing what I love everyday, living in a place that makes me genuinely fully happy ( which I found in New York ) and I am happy and don’t wish to be anywhere or anybody else. And I hate when I tell people this and they look at me like I’m crazy because I feel like society has everybody so conditioned to believe that life is all about meeting your partner finding a job and having kids. That shit is so plastic and tired. Love as I said is a emotion, you can’t define it because we all feel it differently but I noticed Public shaming comes down hard and frequently on people who love outside of the everyday Idea of love.

When I think about loving somebody as much as I love the idea of money I cringe because when I love somebody it gets real. The last Man I loved granted me the gift of a strong sense in myself. Today I purchased my first designer dress and met up with a person without having them do the complete 30 day text me only trial before I actually link with them and I wrote blog post. Today I noticed a lot of couples and also noticed A lot of people doing things alone ( me being one) and I felt like I was where I needed to be when I needed to be there.

I have friends who serial date and I have friends who are content with themselves and being alone, and friends who believe they’re on this earth to love others and be a wife. And when I’m asked to define love I will never not say money. My love language is money. Money allows me to do what I love and allows me help those I love.

New York is said to be the most expensive place to live and it is but it’s also the perfect place to make money. You can literally do any hustle here and cash out. I tweeted the other day how I made what I made In a month in Michigan a week living in New York. That’s what I love. I love the hustle that’s needed to stay here and live comfortably. Yesterday I purchased a damn 400 dollar dress because I could, and didn’t flinch or cringe because I knew I had it and if needed can make that plus some back before next Monday comes around. That’s what I love.

Overall I’m not telling you what love is nor how you should love, what I’m saying is love what you love and love it unapologetically. I love money. Nothing will ever come before the money aside from my future children that I have one day. So if you love money, traveling, food love it, don’t let people make you feel like you’re inferior to them because they love and prioritize something else, because as I said earlier the person who said money can’t buy happiness was either broke, lying to a broke person or just a flat out liar.

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