Roaring 20’s golden rules.

This decade has been nothing short of incredible, rough but so damn beautiful all in one emotion. So what better way to top the decade off then sharing the top 10 lessons this decade has taught me.


Sleep with whoever you please.

I held out on having sex for so long because I was raised on the value of virginity and my body. And it’s true it’s a special thing but it’s not my prized passion. I can offer more then my damn body to any relationship i have with others and not to mention I gave my virginity to a piece of shit ass guy, and was depressed for months because I felt as if I had no value nor respect because of how he went about treating me after we called it quits. And honestly I slept with his friend later down the line and let me tell you the sex was better and the relationship was a million times healthier and we had a blast. Now did ole dude feel some type of way yeah but that’s not my business nor concern. Don’t put yourself in this little box and cage because other say that’s the way to be. Do what makes you happy even if it means his friend, life’s short. And they would do the same if the opportunity was to present itself.


Disappoint your parents, like level 10 disappoint.

My first year in Georgia I upset my dad frequently. From my attitude, personality, grades whatever I could do to make my dad upset I did. And I did it on purpose because I wanted him to see I was my own person and he couldn’t protect me from all the bad things in the world. I was and always will be his babygirl and I needed to be able to make my own mistakes and find out who I was for myself. And by upsetting him so much he started to back the hell off of my case because he was semi disgusted at who i was becoming. And I’m so glad I did what I did because it allowed me that space to grow and discover myself and show him who I was and who I was meant to become.


Go on at least fly our trip

So yeah when I went to Cali it was because I was flown out, cats out the bag lol. And I had the time of my life. I was taken to Nobu in Malibu had food and drinks that cost more then my rent, the server didn’t card my 20 year old ass and the biggest flex was the man I was with was not only rich rich but I had a crush on him since I was 16 so to be sitting at dinner with him at 20 whew a ego boost. But my time out there I had saw my

Soul sister Dominique, explored all over LA and the surrounding area hell I even met another man while I was out there and we hit it off and I still keep in contact with him till this day. And I went to a studio session with some of y’all a favorite rappers and it was dumb lit. LA really shaped me in so many ways and it’s crazy because I wasn’t even there for a week but baby am I thankful I took the flight.


Say yes more then you say no.

I’m always down for a fun time so you’ll hear me saying yes to things more then no. And that’s how I met the people I have and been the places I been. You’re only young and beautiful once so when you’re invited to things and outings, enjoy them while they’re here.


Talk to the millionaire even if you’re “poor”

Self explanatory really. I don’t let social media nor anybody bully me into changing my type of standards I like what I like even if they’re above my pay grade.


Cut that bitch off even If you love them.


Never tuck your tail when it comes to your respect.

I had let numerous people skate by with the shade and disrespect towards me but one day I said enough is enough and started checking people dead in their tracks. I had one boy who I never met in my life, but he had made a bird nest in my DMs asking for my time and to see him and get to know him, feel as if it was acceptable to speak down on me to his teammates…. so long story short I took his dollar ass and made change. I have even physically fought friends when they took it there with me, and I will not speak to certain family members due to the fact they don’t seem to respect the line I draw when it comes to me and them.


Save your money.

Separate your wants from your needs and watch the money flood in. And help when needed but don’t be the person that becomes the bank for the community. Don’t activate and enable the leeches around you because trust me they’re around you.


Call your grandma more, or somebody you’re close with that’s growing older.

I miss my grandma Hall so much everyday. That women loved me in a way I know I’ll never find in this lifetime. As I got older I stopped thinking about her and hanging out with her as much as I did as I got older, and I felt the difference in my life when I lost her. She used to pray for me and I know her prayers kept me from a lot of harm as well as me doing dumb shit. I would give anything to be able to talk to her one more time and be able to hug her and just feel her. but I talk to the sky frequently because I know she can hear me. And I can hear her at times. So if they’re still alive and around love them, and love them loud and hard.


Pick your favorite cheater.

All men cheat. Women even cheat. Pick your favorite cheater and prosper.

I hope 2020 treats you all well and I hope my 10 mini lessons and rules help you have a prosperous, fun, successful new year.

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