My 1 night stand from hell

Before I start this, I want to make it very clear, I was young and dumb and clearly didn’t know better so just shut up and read and laugh at my stupidity. 

So back when I turned 19 I jumped off the porch and got shit popping. I had finally started to grow into my face and my body was fully developed and I had a smart mouth on me, and I was educated, so in conclusion I was perfect prey for men. Growing up my Dad didn’t let me have social media because “ I couldn’t act like I have some damn sense” and this story just proves he was absolutely right. But fast forward I am 19 and popping. My Instagram had like 1.7k followers so you know I thought I was that one, and my head was even more gassed when this man slid In my dms and was trying to see me.

The man who had slid on me is a household name, well known. And when he was In my dms you know I thought i was Beyoncé. I closed the app locked my phone and walked away, came back to my phone and just stared at the dm. I remember my heart was beating all fast and crazy, I could feel my face getting hot, and mind you I was doing all this over “ 👀 When imma run into you?” Yes I was prancing around my room over something that damn bland and basic. I knew I had to play It cool and act like I did not know who he was, and that he was not who he was. I replied back with my favorite till this day “ you tell me .” And from there I fell right into the pits of hell and skipped with a smile on my face to my own doom.

I did indeed end up running into him not even a week after that because he was in town for a game, and you best believe I had called off work and did all I had to do to make sure I was free and unoccupied. I had remembered i did not eat the day before or the day of because I did not want to be bloated, bought a whole new outfit, had got my nails and eyelashes done, I even brought a new wig. I wanted him to meet me at my best. I just want y’all to know that though I looked good I was new to this, not true to this and made a fucking fool of myself the second I walked into that hotel.

For one, he put me under his room and I had known that but did not know what that entails. I had went to the desk like “ Hi I am here to check In for blah blah blah” and that lady looked at me with that “ wow this is a younger new hoe I never seen her before” and “ awww the little cute girl is dumb.” She told me she knew who I was and to never give the guys name just my own unless I want to be got. And when she said that to me I felt as If she was testing me, like shading me as If I was not qualified to be there and was out of place, however looking back she was simply telling me to move smarter and that’s discretion Is key. But anyways I took the key and head up to the room.

My reaction when I saw the room was a loud scream of the tax bracket I had lived In. Everything impressed me, from the hand lotion to the tv hell the lighting even had my young ass impressed. I was walking around the room in awe thinking about how I was really there, how I was really about to see him, and how this was only some in the movie type deals and let me tell you all that followed after my moment of realizing how life as a baller was…. was nothing short of a shit show.

For starters when he walked into the room I was stuck on how tall he was. Like I was sitting on the bed looking up to this man when he walked in like damn this man is kinda big Jesus. Honestly It wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be, we were actually really hitting it off. I am a naturally funny person so I had him weak at the things I was saying about him, he thought I was joking but I was really going in because ain’t no way somebody is naturally that tall and built buddy was on enhancements, had to be. But we were laughing and watching this horrible ass movie he had picked out and had the volume on the highest setting which had my ears low-key ringing. But you all know how it goes from this moment, we are watching this horrendous movie and then we got the ball rolling, and it rolled right into Satan’s play pit.

For starters this man kissed me like my face was about to jump off of my body and make a run for it. I don’t know between the grip he had on the back of my neck and the pulling he was doing to get me closer than close to him was worse. And at this time I was a baby still so very new to this, and he was my 3rd sexual encounter, I had dived headfirst into nothing I was prepared for or knew could exist.

I am going to spare the details but in shortness, this man almost pulled the wig off my head twice, the first time was when I had made him fully aware it was a wig and not yank, this heathen then not even 2 minutes later did that little finger twist with the hair and followed it up with a yank that sent not only my head but the damn wig back ( may I add the wig was holding on for dear life) and that time I literally stopped everything and told him if he does that shit again I was going to leave and he would never hear from me again. He laughed. I should of left but as I said I was indeed a dumbass, and he pulled my hair again but this time I didn’t say anything I just bit the life out of his neck and made him yelp like dogs do when you step on their paws. But yeah you can imagine how it all went down and played out. I ended up staying the night which was not my intentions because my friends and google always said never spend the night keep flings at flings and there I was being queen dumbass and breaking all types of protocol.

The morning after he had asked if I wanted to get breakfast, but I felt super weird. After the high faded I was honestly disturbed by my actions. Disturbed but also kind of impressed like I couldn’t believe I just had sex with who I had sex with but i also couldn’t be I just had sex with him because all I knew about the man was what I saw on tv or read online/social media. I ended up telling him I had other plans with my family and scurried the hell up outta that room. I looked all dissolved went home and went to sleep thinking about how one night stands are very awkward and not my type of thing, and then I got the text later that night that made my stomach hurt.

“ you on birth control” I read that and felt tears come to my eyes, those who know me know I have a intense fear of becoming somebodies mother, and i know you are like “ wow goofy bitch you did not use protection” and no I did not and looking back that is so reckless and stupid and I am blessed I did not contract anything. But I ended up telling him no and his response was “ well if you want to take a plan B you can, it don’t matter to me.” I read that and was in disbelief like “ it don’t matter to me.” It was like he did not give a damn if I got pregnant or not and some may be like that is the ticket out but to me i felt like I was being trapped. There was no way in hell I was about to have a kid and become a mom and damn sure was not ready to be known as this man’s baby mother, so I left dude on read and just took the pill.

3 days passed and he hits me again asking what I decided and I told him I took the pill, and y’all the response i got still till this day rocks my world he told me “ wow you really not trying to get pregnant huh.” I remember I was shook that I literally was staring at my phone mouth all open like I felt dumb for taking the pill that is how stuck that man had me. So I Took a nap on his response and when I woke up, I decided I was going to just block him on social media and his number, and y’all i was blocked.

Yes, he blocked me before I could blocked him. I was livid so I texted him like are you serious, and he read it. I told him stay blessed and never hit my line again and he told me to sayless, and I blocked him after that. And it’s crazy because 3 years passed then I heard from him again. He had hit me up on social media and we didn’t discuss our encounter he had hit me up to ask me how I had been. And y’all I read that dm and thought I was on punk’d because I was 21 going on 22 and we had not spoken since that day so what made him hit me up, I still have no idea. But we had caught up and it was actually a good conversation.

He was my first and only 1 night stand, and I must say looking back I did everything very wrong and dumb, but I must say the person i did it with makes me like a young icon and we actually did laugh about this night. We laughed at how i made it awkward because I did become very weird towards him because like i said I was shocked by myself, and how he did not listen to the fact I had a wig on my head and he was clearly trying to see what could knock the thing off of my head. And we laughed at how I am the only person who refused to take a ticket out of the trenches.It is an ongoing joke on how I could of been rich had I allowed a man with money to get me pregnant but I need my future babies to be made out of love and not lust, and damn sure refuse to bring a life into this world with the motive for a quick big check, I will go to hell before Ido some bird Sh*t like that.

So weather your one night stand was a bust, or a love story to be, look back and laugh at it, or cry because you may have jacked yourself up but hey we live and we learn. Mine taught me to not act stupid with myself after doing what I knew was going to happen when I signed up. Nights like that one make for funny story times and blogs but also allow you to look back as you get older and appreciate your growth and also laugh at how damn reckless and dumb you can be as a person, because story’s like these I find it best to laugh because had shit went left, I would be in tears.

That night will never not be a moment in my adult life I will not look back and laugh at, but also will just be a moment where I look back and think about how that night was so cliche but not all at the same time, nothing short of a T’yanna Tells experience.