Serial Dater TT

I have been on a roll with the content lately, letting y’all know all the behind the scenes and info that make me who I am. And one thing I think that I never touched on in good detail is dating. Believe it or not, I just recently in the last few months really started dating. Like I have been on dates but New York City, will have you become a serial dater just because there are so many people to meet and places to see and not everybody likes to be alone so why not take somebody with you, because company always makes everything better right?!

The first guy that is worth a mention we are going to call him Wolf of Wall Street. Before moving here I joked about how I was going to move to the city and meet a big banker and become his beautiful black trophy wife, ( I joke people please do not take me serious ), So one day I was leaving my friend Taylor’s house and it was raining. I had got off at Times Square because I needed to go to the bank and grab food, when I was standing with the crowd and in evident and obvious distress. I have very blunt RBF ( resting bitch face) and when I am upset and annoyed by something it is times 1000. So I’m standing there looking all stank and mad when this beautiful white king told me to come get in the car with him….. Mind you I did not know him, but i took my black ass to the car.  Y’all 

  1. He could of killed me 
  2. He could of kidnapped me 
  3. He could of kept me to be his pet 
  4. He could of bit me and had aids 

Just a lot of shit could of went left and left me out here down bad and sad. But instead me and Wolf hit it off. 

He was telling me how he banks and saw me and how I looked lost and upset and did not mind giving me a ride to my destination because he had extra time. So I made him take me to the bank then grand central. The crazy thing about the encounter with me and him is my friend Taylor knew i was doing something reckless and stupid becasue she text me like “ are you okay, what are you doing” And coming from her that translate to “ Bitch you’re on goofy time so spill the damn beans”  So I end up telling her and she asks me the usual “ am I dumb” “ do I wanna end up dead” and “ is it crack that I smoke,”. But overall Wolf and I didnt go on any formal dates, but the perks I got from this man were and are pretty nice. 

Clearly banking in the city he makes money, so as a gift he casually set up an Uber account for me to use on one of his cards, and I really only use it when I take long trips and don’t feel like brutalizing my card. And he has given me advice on stocks to invest in ( which are going to make me beyond wealthy the older I get) and he just comes in a very clutch mentor to have around. He is the date that I never went on a date with nor dated,I like to call and think of him as my platonic date, the first I ever had really.

Now to the second guy, we are going to call this guy asshat. Asshat just showed me why I stayed away from dating for so long, but in asshats defense we met on some internet shit. For starters he is outside the normal ethnicity I date nor even look twice at. But you know a new city, new life , new me. So anyway I ended up in SOHO spending money I did not need to be spending and putting it on IG that I was shopping in the city, and he hit me up like let’s grab something to eat. Again me being a dummy I agree. I ended up settling on this pizza place by this store I just beat up my debit card at and I can’t even hold yall he was nice looking in person. I was impressed but there was no chemistry on my end and the whole time I was sitting there I couldn’t stop thinking about how this was the first and the last time we were ever going to link. 

When he texted me I would leave it on read, he would dm me and I would entertain it there just because its social media, and I see nothing wrong replying there because I always say thinks you there. But the nail in the coffins as New Years Eve, for starters he was pressing to see me like I said I don’t care much for  dude. But I was like it’s something to do so why not. So me and friend agreed to see what he was talking about and it was nothing short of Bullshit. Playing devil’s advocate he was like 2 blocks over but it was freezing and nobody wanted to walk. He literally went down the line of things everything but paying for the Lyft and Uber, and you’re probably thinking “ don’t you have that Uber account” and yes, yes I do but I  was not about to use wolfs money because AssHat was being a cheapass. So I literally told him I’m good and I’m not coming. That was followed by multiple calls, texts, even dmed me like “ you’re confusing you know that” like sir you’re just a bore, cheap and indeed a dumbass. He is a very strong factor on why I am not super pressed to date because I can not imagine dealing with people. Like him on the regular. Writing this I am actually inspired to unfollow him, so yeah him and his type are chalked. 

Another kind of man I encountered from dating is the I’m off the market but I like to date men. The amount of men with girlfriends that have and have offered to take me on dates is nothing short of disturbing. Now before you calling me easy T and slutty mc slut slut, I found out after the fact. I mean aside from 2 I knew but I didn’t care because the places we went to were nice and sis would of done the same had i been her and she been me. But these men I can’t even hold you they’re my favorite. Men who are already dealing with other women tend to keep the baggage and all the extra drama with her. And me being who I am, I will run through fire with olive oil, then commit to a man in my young 20’s, let alone try to make that man commit. That is why it is best to friend these type of men. Men who are notorious cheaters make the best male friends to have. They always are spilling tea, offering advice and the best is you learn first hand how to catch a cheater. And these dates I wouldn’t even consider dates because we were both playing therapist with one another. Between me asking him why he is cheating, and him asking me why i cant commit we both learned a lot about eachother but mostly ourselves.

Being somebody’s ho swore off dating, to somebody who started dating for sport I must say, dating is very weird and if I was to yelp review itI would give it 3 out of 5 stars. I am speaking from a personal stance and am also somebody’s values their personal space and their time so I do not like having too many people around me and as factors in my life. And when you sprinkle in me talking to men outside of my normal everyday type, it is a lot of stimulation and change going on. Granted I have a lot of fun with the people I deal with I also just really want to be alone at times. So if you are like me, I challenge you to date more and get your feet wet, and if you are a serial dater I challenge you to sit your ass down and learn to be alone for awhile.  

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